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Mondays at The Deep End

🎮 Press Start 🎮  presented by Controllerise  Lofi kickback + chill vibes + gaming + bomb tacos Preface What? Starfish is leaving her home for something other than work? You've got that right! I've finally committed to going to a Controllerise event. I've been meaning to attend ever since I was first told about it. I was sad to even have missed the My Hero Academia themed night. With these events being held every Monday night, it's hard for me to commit to hanging out after work. This time, I was invited by my lovely lady to go out and enjoy the night with her. She'd invited her fella along, and I've decided to have my fella meet us there as well! I say "meet us" because I plan to ride up to her place to get changed and ready beforehand. Currently jittery in my seat at work, waiting "patiently" for 5 o'clock!

Intermission 5'oclock hit, and I tore out of the building, and headed for the train station. Arrived at my lady's plac…

Mom best-friends

I have an issue with making "friends". Well, actually no. Making them isn't that bad/hard, keeping them and feeling comfortable with having them be apart of my circle is the uneasy bit. I've recently realized why this was such a hard thing for me...I compare every person who attempts to create a platonic bond with me to the friendship I have with my mom.
I feel that growing up I've learned to give out what my mom seems to, so if I don't feel that I'm getting it back then I end up closing myself off from that person. Not only that, but my feelings/emotions towards other humans suffer as well.

For the longest, I kept trying to figure out why I was filled with feelings of neglect from "friends", feelings of being used, or being improperly treated. It's because they don't show me the same care that my mother shows [am I asking for too much lol], AND they do not deserve my momma's treatment in return. This is a blessing that I can find su…