Michael's Haul!

I was only supposed to be buying sketchbooks....what have I done?! I've walked into a Michael's store while they were having a good bit of sales, is what I've done!

Let's dive into what I ended up picking up. Like I said, the intention was to pick up a couple of sketchbooks, and possibly some pens with different size points for arting. As you can see, I did accomplish the mission of picking up a couple sketchbooks, and even some nice micron pens in different sizes....and some canvases...some storage bits...some stickers..and a couple journals. You know, necessities!

Travel Journal $3.99 + Accessories $3.49 + $1.99
It was very hard for me to resist picking this guy up. They were 70% off I want to say, and what more push to travel than buying yourself a travel journal ahead of time!? I adore the print on the journal as well as all the added bits. The blue is so calming, and gives me oceanic road trip ideas. I'm actually not 100% sure how you're supposed to properly add the little booklets in. There was a small amount of lined paper that came with the journal, and I'd bought a little trio of booklets I wanted to be displayed with it. I slipped in the front cover of the weekly booklet [thought it a good idea to add to keep track of dates] behind those papers, and just stuck the blank-paged booklet in the space in the front. I also bought this little pocket thing that I though would be good for holding money tickets and the like, and put it with the space in the front. I think I'll carry the dotted booklet separate if I feel the need for it.
Tape Storage Box $15 Washi Tape $0.33ea + $1.50
The next amazing little bit I bought, was this tape holder. All of their art storage was 50% off, so I got this guy for a smooth $15. I of course had to buy some washi tapes to help commemorate my new storage, as if my pile at home wouldn't properly break it in lol. I'm actually kind of sad I didn't take more advantage of their sale deco tapes...and I want to go back XD! Anyways, I've separated the rolls making the top drawer the ones I'd use most, and the bottom drawer the least. The bottom drawer is mainly a home for my deco-tapes at the moment, and a couple of custom tapes I'd ordered from artists. The middle drawer is more for holiday tapes and randoms so far. I also have some wider roll deco tapes that will live on the roof of the box for now.

Stickers! $2.99 + $4.79 + $1.50

 Boy was I lucky that more of their sticker sheets weren't on sale. I made it out with only getting one regular sticker sheet, but also with a handful of heavily discounted summer stickers as well. I wanted these to help with filling up my Random Journal for the random journal swap I'm signed up for! I also added some of the sheets to the sticker sheets page lol. See, more purpose than just because I want it!

Storage box #2 $3.99
This box is amazing, let me tell you! I wish I'd bought more and in the different sizes, as this was also included in the half off art storage pieces. It's sole purpose was to house pen-pal supplies [like sticker flakes, sticker sheets, memo sheets, fun extras, booklets, and the like], but I've already filled it to the brim. Well, at least the bottom area is filled to the brim. I love this color too.  

Journal $3 + Pens $1.99ea
So the last little pieces I picked up were a new journal, and some more staedtler pens for my growing staedtler pens collection. "Why are you buying more paper?" Mind your business for one, but all jokes aside I'm already thinking of my next journal. Coming to some artistic realizations, and having fun with this random journal swap has opened my eyes even more of to how I'd like to journal. This does not mean that I've set my current journal aside, only to neglect it for this new bright journal. No! I mean to finish my current one, and just move onto this bright shiny new one. 

I've, of course, already started playing with my bits and organizing everything. I'm happy that I'm actually using everything I've purchased and haven't felt that I'm hoarding anything!
The final result of current Journal's face-lift ^_^. I think she's happier to be used now with a little pizazz. The canvases were buy 3 for the price of 1, which brought the three to $19.99. My sketchbooks were BOGO half off, so I bought two naturally. The last bits are my Micron pens, which I bought as a 3 pack and used the 50% off coupon of the day to get them at $4.99!

๐Ÿ™ Starfish ๐Ÿ™


  1. Michaels has such good sales going on plus they always coupons that you can use. I just went to Michaels recently and bought bought some stationery bits that were on sale. Next time I'm going to check out their storage, they have such pretty pastel organizers. ♥


    1. They're proving to be the best! I'll have to pick up more when I have my art room more organized lol. It's hard to only leave with what you were meant to go in for during those sales =_=


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