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Summer Bucket List 2018 ☀

Today marks the first day of summer, but here in the south, we've had summer since winter ended. Even though I'm an adult and have adult responsibilities that generally take my summer fun away, I decided to still share some things I hope to get accomplished this blistering season. [post inspired by MooeyandFriends]

☀ Botanical Garden ☀ I've visited the local botanical gardens BUT it has been way too long since last I was there and I need it back in my life! ☀ Bodies Exhibition ☀ This has been here for quite some time, and I've yet to see it for myself even once. Hopefully summer wont equal crowded viewing if I get to attend! ☀ Self-Dates ☀ My fella got a new job that occupies a lot of his time [which isn't entirely different than the last], so if I'd like to go places I usually have to muster up the courage to go it alone. I'd like to see myself trying out new eateries and places even if alone this summer. I'll be kicking off the self-date-ness with a solo…

Swap-Bot: Kawaii Sunshine #1 Sent + Received

Look's to me that I've gotten back into my love for snail mailing! Resolutions being accomplished and whatnot! Anyways, this is for the Kawaii Sunshine #1 swap I signed up for on swap-bot! I had two partners to send 30 [10 large memo sheets, 10 small memo sheets, 10 sticker flakes] kawaii pieces to. Sent
I only took a picture of one of the contents, as they're pretty similar BUT I made sure not to duplicate the same sets per package..though it wouldn't matter whether I did or not lol. Both of my partners have received and left lovely ratings ^_^. Encouragement to keep going, and putting my all into the packages!

Received I also received my goodies from my assigned partners! I feel like I didn't add enough goodies now T_T lol! I didn't decorate my envelope as much either...just some kawaii washi tape for the back..but there's no competition!
Background change and special guest lol!  I was too comfortable to go grab my usual background heh.  Harley says hello! …

Michael's Haul!

I was only supposed to be buying sketchbooks....what have I done?! I've walked into a Michael's store while they were having a good bit of sales, is what I've done!

Let's dive into what I ended up picking up. Like I said, the intention was to pick up a couple of sketchbooks, and possibly some pens with different size points for arting. As you can see, I did accomplish the mission of picking up a couple sketchbooks, and even some nice micron pens in different sizes....and some canvases...some storage bits...some stickers..and a couple journals. You know, necessities!

Travel Journal $3.99 + Accessories $3.49 + $1.99 It was very hard for me to resist picking this guy up. They were 70% off I want to say, and what more push to travel than buying yourself a travel journal ahead of time!? I adore the print on the journal as well as all the added bits. The blue is so calming, and gives me oceanic road trip ideas. I'm actually not 100% sure how you're supposed to prope…

My Little Garden

I'm usually no good at keeping plants alive.
Even though my past attempts have been failures, I've decided to try once again!

One of the perks of renting out my step-mom's place is that there were many a flower pot, and garden bed waiting in the back for me. I actually hadn't paid them any mind until she brought them back up to my attention. She'd also sent me a couple supplies - like soil, seeds, tools - to get started. I'd also picked out a couple saplings one afternoon after driving with my biological Mom. First things first...the weeding!

Why yes, yes that is a sock because I dont own gardening gloves  and neglected to pick 'em up when getting plants. Soooo liiiiikee...I hate weeding especially in this Southern heat, but I got it done and started mixing my soils. My mom told me I should cover the old soil with new soil, and mix it as if I'm mixing up eggs. After I was satisfied with my whippin', I began the planting.

Since the lemongrass was se…

Creativity Boost: Random Journal Swap

Hey hey hey, yo yo yo wassup! Ok, enough of that and onto the important informations and whatnot. I joined this exciting-sounding swap on swap-bot in which we are to "create" and fill a random journal, and send it off to our partners. I want to say the swap was set up in March. Partners actually aren't assigned until September, and you aren't to send out your journal until October. This helps to make the journal QUITE random as we haven't the slightest clue who we're actually writing to. This set up is nice, making it so I can actually just filling up a journal to my heart's content without any quotas, or pushback from outside forces. Of course I've started filling 'er up...though I just signed up on the 31st of May.
So far, I've only filled out the first page with a rambly little welcome letter to my future partner and played with a little bit of decorating. I don't want to get too carried away so early, as I may clutter it up instead o…

I love this shirt!

Well hello there, and welcome to "this is not a sponsored post, I just really love my newest tee". Tonight you will be seeing me, your neighborhood octomaid, being a goober of the goofy sort. Sporting, none other than, her newest and favoritest Deku-Tee. Enjoy 😊

Disclaimer: No make-up was worn for this photoset, nor was there anything done to the hair other than waking up and messing it into a more circular shape. P.S. I'm also very beginner at digital art πŸ˜„

πŸ™StarfishπŸ™ --->MrBlastBolt<---

May watched Anime

My place of business has granted me full-time working hours for the month of May, which means that there's little to no "me-time" left over. My paychecks are looking ever-so-plump, but my energy levels are shriveling up. The disclaimer is due to me having almost nothing to show for newly watched anime for May, heh.

Anime Tenjho Tenge "Souichiro and Bob want to rule their new school, but just as they begin cracking heads, their plan is shot to hell. First there's the Natsume sisters and their Juuken Club. If the older sister, Maya, isn't kicking their butts, then the younger sister, Aya, is trying to force feed Souichiro and make him her husband! Then there's the Student Executive Council that sends executioners to "educate" anyone who questions the council's authority! Their education is just beginning!"
I've tried so very hard to NOT watch this anime. A friend of mine has made it through hell and high-water suggesting this anime to…

Snakkums! Wang Hot Chicken Extreme Spicy Udon

Picked up this noodle bowl from a local Farmer's Market - Austell Farmer's Market - and decided to have a little tasting. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but this noodle bowl just happened to catch my eye. Wang is the brand, and they're claiming that this is the "extreme spicy" flavor. Let's just see about that...

There's a small packet of noodles, making the size of the bowl seem a bit much. There's also a packet of seaweed + sesame seed garnish [which I tossed right in T_T], and spicy cooking sauce. The packets are to be mixed in after adding water and heating the bowl up in the microwave.

All finished and ready to rate, I give this noodle bowl a smooth 3 out of 5 stars. I did not get extreme spicy from the flavor, though I endure spicy things on the daily. I did like the flavor in the bowl, but wish they would have cut back on the amount of sesame seeds in the garnish. I would try this bowl of udon noodles again, and maybe even a…