February Empties🌹

This will be my first time doing an "empties" post. I thought it'd be a nice way to share the things that I enjoy, as well as keep a little archive for myself. February decided to pick a green theme for itself, or maybe it's because of the fact that it'll be the beginning of March [St. Patrick's day and whatnot].

Design Essentials were the first to go. One-by-one, my hair-care dwindled to this 4-set we see before us today. Luckily, I'd taken advantage of their Black Friday sales and already had my back-stock ready to replace them. I think they've become my staple hair products, as I've only had wonderful experiences with anything of theirs I try. I'd done a little Try-Out video when I'd first received these goodies that can be easily found on my YouTube.

My boyfriend, along with a kind uber driver, were the ones who introduced me to the wonders of CBD oil. Since I have no want to smoke marijuana before work/outings to calm my nerves, don't want to down otc pills, and have not been to a doctor to be diagnosed and given medication [though that's not any more inviting than otc ones], this was something I was willing to try to help with my nervous energy when outside the house. When I skip some days, and come back to using it like I'm supposed to I notice a difference. I'm more restless and jittery without. [Can be found at local smoke shop]

Lastly, was my go-to eyeliner. NYC noir black liquid eyeliner, which has been discontinued since I last bought it. It was originally about $4, and can now be found on Amazon and the like for $40+. The highest I've seen was $60...which is highway robbery! I mean this eyeliner had it's faults with smudging or bleeding and whatnot, but it was the highest quality I could find for the low low price they offered. No need to dwell on passed loves, since I've already replaced it with a new love!

Thanks for reading!


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