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Healthy Toy Addiction - Molang Push & Peel

After watching some human on youtube whom I can't currently remember open these [cluckin'toys maybe?], I made it a mission to get my hands on one...or two. I'd seen Molang on stationary and phone backgrounds, but not as a collectable toy-majig. My first plan of action was to stay away from buying these, for the possibility for addiction was strong in this one. After seeing the quality of the actual figures, it was hard for me to say you can see.

Actually getting the contraption to pop open and release the confetti was pretty impossible for me [as well as the youtuber I watched]. That didn't phase me any, as I mainly just wanted the cuteness hidden within. There are 6 layers that you kind of peel, and push up the stick as you go. Each layer, under molang's head, has a figure inside.
I pulled the "limited edition" version of the beach set, and the normal version of the music set. You know I 'bout lost it when that little octopus popped out.


Mall Trips with Self ❀

ANXIETY were the first feelings to make it to me when thinking about going to a mall that I've been to once for an interview...for a different mall. I'd been planning all week to go to a completely different mall, and get myself a kawaii fix. Uber and my bank account had different plans for me this passed Saturday.
I'm not in the species of human that enjoys going to unfamiliar places by myself. To boost my confidence, and ensure I don't try to convince myself to stay home, I picked out a cute blue romper and paired it with a cute furry brown cardigan thing. I was feeling quite adorable in my garb. My mom was coming by to pick me up to get fitted for dresses [cousin's wedding], so it worked out for her to drop me off at the mall on the way back to her place.

I wanted so bad for my mom to join me on this adventure, but it's better to get through some things yourself.

The song I played before leaving her car, and replayed as I stepped into the mall.

I kept my hea…

|Reddit Gifts Exchange 2018| Vinyl Toys Exchange + Snacks Exchange

A new reddit gifts exchange opened up at the end of February, and I decided to get in on the fun for my second RGE experience. I signed up for the Snack Exchange [for the second time], and Vinyl Toy Exchange. 

My snack exchange sender added a variety of sweets, including some spicy candies. The sender from my vinyl toy exchange sent me a Piccolo funko pop. He's pretty much the only character I care about from the DBZ series. It was nice to receive him by chance, as my sender doesn't know much about anime!

It's always an interesting experience when taking part in the redditgifts exchanges. Some are hits, and some are missed. I love receiving and sending mail either way, so it was an enjoyable experience. I'm anticipating the new exchanges to see if I'd like to continue signing up ^_^.

Thanks for reading! 🐙Starfish 🐙

Happy St. Patrick's Day🍀

If you celebrate it and whatnot. We had a St. Patrick's Day set up for the client appreciation at work. There were donuts, cookies, cupcakes, and green juice for the clients [and myself] to enjoy.
Here are some random shots I took while at work [heh heh heh]. I packed up a good bit of the leftovers to bring home, and ended up sharing a couple cakes with my uber driver. The "celebration" was nice and subtle, to lead into a relaxing weekend. Happy Birthday to my boyfriend's dad, who was born on St. Patty's Day.


February Empties🌹

This will be my first time doing an "empties" post. I thought it'd be a nice way to share the things that I enjoy, as well as keep a little archive for myself. February decided to pick a green theme for itself, or maybe it's because of the fact that it'll be the beginning of March [St. Patrick's day and whatnot].

Design Essentials were the first to go. One-by-one, my hair-care dwindled to this 4-set we see before us today. Luckily, I'd taken advantage of their Black Friday sales and already had my back-stock ready to replace them. I think they've become my staple hair products, as I've only had wonderful experiences with anything of theirs I try. I'd done a little Try-Out video when I'd first received these goodies that can be easily found on my YouTube.
My boyfriend, along with a kind uber driver, were the ones who introduced me to the wonders of CBD oil. Since I have no want to smoke marijuana before work/outings to calm my nerves, don&#…