Self-love 101: Daily Masking |Experience & Review|

My current days have been filled with a good deal of stressing, and with it being so close to the holiday of "love" I thought why not start loving myself early with some facial pampering. I'd read a teeny bit about daily masking before deciding to try this trend out for myself. I picked up some masks from a couple different brands to begin my hoard.
I planned to start the first of December, and see how a week with daily masking effected my face. I kept a little daily journal recording the scent, feel, and progress after using each mask. I have sensitive facial skin that breaks out for many other "skin care" products, so I wanted to ensure it would be fine to continue after this experiement.
12/1 - Naisture Tea Tree
"soothing. didn't have a strong scent, if any at all. made my face feel relaxed and smooth after. facial bumps still visible but not as harsh feeling"

12/2 - None...oops!

12/3 Morning - Its Skin Honey
"smelled subtly sweet. cool and soothing. face still feeling soft calm, regardless of the bumps. helped for a calm wake up."

         Night - Naisture Ginseng
"bit of a strong smell-medium strength. some 'strong' pimples have greatly died down. a couple others popped up, but still seeming ok.

12/4 - Its Skin Blueberry
"nice subtle sweet scent. stronger than the Honey, but not unbearable. skin still smooth with some acne trying to clear up. looking seemingly more youthful."

12/5 - Naisture Pearl
"pleasent smell. the Naisture masks seem to leave my face stickier than the others so far. my face was still smooth after each one, though. 

12/6 - Yesul Jeju Volcanic Ash [not pictured]
"soothing and pleasant. Very subtle sweet smell. seems to stick to face better than the other brands even with movement."
 I attempted some different things to see how much multitasking I could get done while masking. I  do not recommend brushing your teeth with these on, or tasks that require you to bend over. Doing things where your face/head doesn't have to move a lot are ideal. Now on to my review. I noticed my skin feeling quite smooth and moisturized after the experiment, but my facial bumps were still present with every mask. I'd even gained a couple new ones while masking. For those out there with the sensitive skin levels same as myself, I'd suggest to do this maybe every other day along with your normal skin care routine. Doing it less may freak out your face less, and bring that pimple count down drastically. Also adding a decent diet, and habits that ensure your mental is in a nice place will help of course.

The It's SKIN brand facial masks were my favorite out of the ones I tried, with my favorite one being the Honey. The Naisture brand ones seemed to leave my face feeling a tad bit sticky, however I still enjoyed the Tea Tree. You can't really mess up tea tree though. I'm also very partial to jeju volcanic ash, so I liked the Yesul one too lol.

I give the act of daily masking a cool 3.5 out of 5 stars. Though it works for some, it's not for everybody. That everybody being me. Like I stated earlier, I could see myself doing it maybe every other day or moreso every once in a while to treat myself over doing it daily.

Thanks for Reading
 - Starfish ๐Ÿ™ 
[Disclaimer: masks were purchased from World Market]


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