Saturday with my Mom🌸

Our plans had initially been to catch back up on driving lessons, but due to some muggy weather we ended up just going out and about.
My mom had to drop her pupper off at the vet first for her annual checkup, then she scooped me up to go grab some breakfast. Yelp brought us to a little spot in Marietta Square, called The Marietta Local.
If you find yourself in Marietta Square between 8am and 2:30pm, it would be a good idea to stop at this little eatery. We've only had their breakfast, but I have no doubt that their lunch is just as appetizing.
We both ordered the "Daily Special" which was whichever special meal was made for the day. The concept was an open faced breakfast chicken biscuit two ways. We ordered both and shared! Mine was open faced, of course, with their famous fried chicken [they've won The Taste of Marietta's "The Big Chicken" Award 4 years in a row] sandwiched between the biscuit and a yummy fried eggs. This is all topped with a hollandaise sauce, which I then topped with Louisiana hot sauce. I also wanted my side to be the diced potatoes.
My mom's equally delicious daily special consisted of an open faced biscuit, yup said it again, smothered in gravy, topped with a fried egg, and finished off with a deliciously battered and fried chicken. Her chicken tasted different from mine. It seemed as though they added hot sauce and honey or syrup to the batter before frying it. It was an amazing combination that I hope becomes a thing in other places! My mom chose the side of grits instead of the potatoes.
You can absolutely tell that everything is made from scratch with fresh ingredients! We swapped bits for eachother to try, and neither of us could find any disappointment in the flavors. We both washed our meals down with a yummy cup of tea. Herbal for me and Rooibos for my mom.

After enjoying this heaven of a breakfast, we headed over to an equally amazing buy, sell, trade bookstore called 2nd and Charles.

Ok, so this store was not like the buyback stores I'm used to. It was those stores on steroids! You could shop to your hearts content through a plethora of books, comic books, music [including vinyl], toys/collectibles, instruments [well I mainly saw guitars, so maybe just guitars lol], game consoles, attire, and more! If we had the full day for just this store, I would have most likely spent more than I did! No complaints though, I made out like a thief!
 I picked up Volumes 3-6 of Nurse Hitomi Monster Infirmary [I have vol.1 and will read 2 online], 2-3 of Magical Girl Site [I will read vol.1 online], and my mom found Hauntings: The Stories of Unquiet Spirits. I also picked up 10 incense from their little area of metaphysical goodness [incense and stones].
Cut to adorable mommy being a kitty XD. My mom is the only cat I like lol.
I would LOVE to spend more time in here, perusing through the comics and attempting to find their horror hidden within the aisles. What's up with bookstores not having "Horror" as a section? I'd also like to grab a couple of their anime-esque items and rement next time I visit. They had both Rilakkuma and Summikko Gurashi!

We attempted to find me some new work shoes at DSW to no avail, but ended our random going arounds at Ulta. I was in dire need of a new "favorite" liquid eyeliner since my NYC brand one was discontinued. Instead of paying the usual $3-5 for it, the last of the tubes are on amazon for $60...
To the recommendation of the worker who asked if I needed help, I purchased Urban Decay's razor sharp liquid eyeliner in Perversion. I haven't used it just yet, but the test she did on her own hand was quite promising. This eyeliner is also cruelty-free, which is always a plus. I have high hopes for this! I couldn't pass up thumbing through the clearance items, and also picked up a top coat from China Glaze, and a little white nail polish from Ulta.

We picked up her pooch from the vet and headed back to mi casa. I always enjoy hanging out with my mom, no matter what we're doing. I can't wait to be driving so I can hang out with her more [as well as see my other family and acquaintances more!]. It's also always nice to start a weekend off feeling productive, giving myself the full relaxation of the ending on Sunday. 
Thank you for reading!
🐙 Starfish🐙


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