Kentaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman [Saboriman Amentai Kantarou]

If you are brought joy through eating sweets and enjoy watching Japanese anime, then Kentaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman is the series you need to add to your Netflix watchlist.

"What am I doing between my sales visits? Only Sweet Heaven Knows!"
Kentaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman is the live-action adaptation of a comedy gourmet manga written by Tensei Hagiwara and illustrated by Inoue ABD. It follows a handsomely skilled salesman of a publishing company who likes to finish his sales trips as soon as possible, so he can play hooky and try Tokyo's most delectable of sweets without anyone taking notice. He puts himself through rigorous working, usually sprinting to and from each bookstore, to ensure he can find ways to get his sweet fix!
He not only has to secretly skip work to indulge in his sweet tooth, but he also has to dodge his coworkers and manager from time to time. Running a sweets review blog compromises his mission when one of his coworkers, Dobashi, stumbles upon it being a lover of sweets herself. She then makes it her mission to find ways to prove "Sweets Knight" is him.
Not only is it fun to follow the hijincks of Kentaro's workday, but the way in which he describes his treats will keep you wanting to watch more and more! You may also catch yourself drooling every now and then, at the visuals of each sweet. There is underlining fan-service, but how can you not lose control when you finally get to satisfy your sweet hunger like Kentaro?
I think the best part of this comedy-drama is that you're not seeing your usual sweets loving character, but instead seeing a serious salary worker. I spit take almost everytime Kentaro ascends to Sweet Heaven! I think Matsuya Onoe has done an impeccable job of bringing Kwntaro Amentani to life!

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Kentaro:The Sweet Tooth Salaryman
Couldn't help but doodle Kentaro's adorableness ^_^


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