Innisfree Bija Trouble Skin Review

Before the end of 2017, I'd gone through my cosmetic stash and thrown out a good 3/4 of my hoarded goods. I'd had some of the pieces ever since I'd started wearing make-up. That means some of those things had been in my possession for almost 10 whole years. Tossing that much of my stash could only mean one thing, replacing it with things that actually work! 

Skin care was the most important thing on my to re-get list, since I'd lost my bump-less facial skin to the clutches of "The Stress". Well, that and poor eating habits combined led me to korean skin care sample size products.

I'd bought some Innisfree products, which included a toner and lotion. Being a person with sensitive skin, the results couldn't be any better! No irritation, no feeling like dust and dander was sticking to my face, no breaking out. Even with the size being that of a trial size, I'd had no complaints or mishaps with using them. So....I'd bought them in biggie sizes, and added the facial foam along with the duo.

The foam came first on it's own, and I started to use it immediately. I could already see and feel a difference after the first few uses. 
After washing my body in the shower, I wet my face and add a nickel sized dollop of the facial foam to my hand. After lathering, I use a circular motion to smear it all over my face ^_^. After letting it sit and rinsing my body, I rinse off the facial foam. I also had no problem going into the shower with a full face of make-up [who am I kidding, I only wear eyeliner lol], and have no problem walking out with a fresh face!
Once out of the shower, I dab my face with a dry towel and head for the toner. I add another nickel sized dollop onto my hand, and work it into my freshly dried face. I let it dry and massage it in for a minute, then follow it with a small amount of lotion.

My face is left feeling happy, and clean. I noticed a difference when I slip up and don't end up using any of the products. The scent and texture is also light and delightful. Nothing overpowering here at all.

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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