[2018] My Valentine's Day

Happy belated Valentine's Day! I hope you all had a lovely one, even if it was spent as just a Wednesday.

I, myself, kept forgetting that Valentine's was on it's way. It sat itself in the middle of the week this year. Being a working girl, I had to keep telling myself "Oh yeah, Valentine's is on Wednesday" lol. I got it in my head once we'd decided what exactly we were doing for the clients at work. My boyfriend woke me to loving hugs and kisses, and I made myself a quick breakfast of bagel + strawberry cream cheese + banana slices + honey.

Then got myself cleaned up, dolled up, and ready to go!
I decided I had enough time, before heading out, to do my nails. I wanted something more than just the regular solid pink, solid red, or pink/red tips. I still ended up choosing a pink for my tips, but complimented it with white dots.

For my face, I chose pinks and reds to add to my eyelids. I also drew one teeny tiny white heart on my left side, right under my eye. I thought it came out quite adorable. I also added some red poms to my hair, which everyone seemed to enjoy.
When I arrived at work, my coworker had already set up the front desk with these beautiful decorations! She'd bought cupcakes, macaroons, and ice cream for the clients to enjoy throughout the day. I believe they felt the love, and appreciated the gesture!
To my surprise, I'd even been brought a little gift from one of the clients! They'd gifted me a Chik-fil-A giftcard which I'm quite excited to use! Another client brought us both candy goodie bags as well! 
My fella texted me to pick up corn on the cob and potatoes on the way home. So I assumed he was going to be throwing down in the kitchen. Closer to the end of the day I realized what exactly went with corn on the cob and potatoes...
My fella came home and started a crab boil just for me. Well, for us, but with my love for seafood in mind. It seems we've mindlessly adopted the tradition of having seafood for Valentine's Day. Whether it be sushi, pre-cooked, or brought home to cook. I never complain, haha. I actually plan to have the leftovers over some rice for lunch!

Did you spend yours with coworkers, friends, family, sig. others, pets? Or, was it a nice and relaxing Wednesday with self? However spent, I hope it was enjoyable. Now we can get ready for the weekend!

Thanks for reading!
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