The Boulet Brothers' Dragula [Thoughts + FanArt]

Hello lovely readers. If you know me, you know I'm a lover of the more spooky or creepy. I do still love a good helping of cute, and if we can mix that adorableness with a bit of horror then I and sold. This brings me to recently stumbling onto "Dragula".  It's like Rupaul's Drag Race meets Face Off, and had a horrifically glamorous drag baby. I quickly binged the first two seasons, only to hope that the production gets a bigger budget for each new season.

Season one gave me life, and introduced me to a whole new world of drag. Season two got a bit more budget, and gave me the life I didn't know I missed in season one. I'd seen "drag monsters" on instagram from time to time, but I'd never known there was a subculture for it. Hearing the girls talk about how Dragula has opened their eyes to knowing what their own drag form was was so nice to hear. Like finding your place in life and knowing that others feel the same way, or were wishing for a platform to showcase their art forms. I'm so happy they were finally given that platform, and mor spooky gals can shine! The show also plays into my reality tv guilty pleasure, because HONEY there was so much cattyness! I enjoyed that the contestants had to do daring tasks after losing a certain competition, to see who truly wanted to stay and win.

Speaking of win, the winners of each season got to be the Boulet Brothers' next drag supermonster and tour with them as well as win $10,000 to spend as they please. I know that drag in general has to cost a pretty penny, but there's just something about making [or buying] a piece, using it for a show with blood or other gross fluids/solids, and then having to clean it or think about buying a new garment for the next show. I can see that money coming in quite handy.

I really hope that this show gets to grow and continue to air with the coming years. Google has brought me some happy-making news while trying to research when a third season would come out. I hopefully wont have to wait too long, since they were confirmed to have a new season on Dec 4th and that it should be releasing this year. I'm hoping it's not long after the final episode of this current season. I really can't wait to see who wins! I'm rooting for James Majesty, even though she is SO CATTY [the mean fish is real in this one]. He's won a high amount of the challenges, and really comes up with some amazingly spooky looks with their own sexy edge. I'm also rooting for Biqtch Puddin because she has gone through it for sure and has pulled out just as classy as she wants to be. The other contestants came down on her on more than one occasion, and I can't remember her arguing back. Just throwing their own shade back at them and going on with her life. She's won a good bit of her challenges too, and was only on the bottom once. She's also repping my city, so I have to stand by one of my sisters! lol

Here's a little fan art of a couple of the girls from Season two. Though I'd already picked favorites, I really liked a gang of looks from Abhora and Dahli. It looks like most of the screenshots I took were of them two. Here's Abhora's look from the Ghost Town Ghouls episode, as well as her go to look for the "confessional" videos.
I don't know why, but I love the choice of her nose! It's so different, and the fact that it's a signature of hers just rocks my world.

I also loved Dahli's first look from the show during the Cenobites challenge, which was supposed to be inspired by Hell Raiser.
She looked like a spooky glamour pig, and I adored everything about her choice of wear. Those hoof covers she had were amazing! The only bad thing was her tail choice [which she was also critiqued on]. I made it curly for my art adaptation, but she'd chosen this almost dead squirrel looking piece. It was fluffy, but still looked of roadkill. Which usually would be great, but not to portray a piggy.


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