Order Experience: Komunhurangi

I follow @komunhurangi quite religiously on instagram, though I hadn't had the chance to support her work until lately. I initially was waiting on the off chance that she'd pop up at one of my local anime conventions. That's not a very reliable way of supporting due to her living on the opposite side of the country. She'd made a post on the 12th saying that her online shop was now open, and would only be open until the 14th with plans not to open until after the new year. I wanted to make sure I could get my hands on one of her BNHA 3.5" acrylic charms, before the possibility of them selling out and never returning again.
All of this happening at once led me to her shop, and saw a couple of things that needed to be added to my personal life.
I placed my order on December 13th,  got an email that my package was shipped on the 15th, and received my order on the 18th!
Everything arrived as cute as they looked in the photos. I ended up getting not only the Izuku Midoriya acryllic charm, but also her adorable Moff washi tape! I had no clue at the time that I'd also be gifted with a pink unicorn button for being one of the first 50 to spend over $25. She also added a little sweet treat.
The tape is beyond precious, as well as little fashionable Deku with All Might on the line. 
Thank you again for the Unicorn button!

Overall experience: Amazing artist with really delightful pieces. I love when my favorite characters, OCs, or myself has been drawn by other people. It just show's how many different ways you can fall in love with your favorite things. The order to receive time was amazing. It literally only took 5 days to receive my package, and the "send out" day email actually means it took 3 days.. CA to GA! That's an easy 5 out of 5 stars!
This Deku fits perfectly with my little SMASH Deku and All Might. Oh, and Gudetama! 


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