[Jan 2018] Phone Photo Dump

December '17 & January '18

Majority of these photos come from my January. I only added December for the sake of the christmas gift photos thrown up top. Anyways, January starts a new year and a new year in my Dad's life on this earth. His birthday was the 2nd. He and my stepmom happened to be in town, so they scooped me up from work to pick up some pho dinner. We went to our house, and enjoyed dinner with them and my fella. It was nice, love-filled and relaxing. This month also started my start of good habit starting :D. I've been making fruit smoothies for the fella and I as often as possible, as well as changing our diet to include less red meats. Like ovo-lacto pescatarian diet with chicken sometimes lol. I also am addicted to those Del Monte chia fruit blend cup things. My favorite being the peach in strawberry and dragonfruit flavored chia. GA has been surprising me still with these intense freezing temperatures this year. We don't usually have consecutive days of freezing temps. Maybe one day a week will be freezing but the rest in the 50s and 60s. We've even gotten snow twice this winter season. Lived here all my life and don't believe I've ever seen snow twice. I'm also getting serious about my learning to drive, and have been out with my mom almost every Saturday. Getting closer and closer to being ok with being on the street with the other cars..but not quite. Especially when my foot freaks out and doesn't want to hit the break...as you can see me almost tumbling over the gas station trash cans. We laughed too hard after that >_<. Lastly, I've been granted the Uber pass so getting back and forth to work hasn't been pure hell. I have been forced to talk to the drivers, which is not something I fully enjoy but was taught as a youngion to talk to those who are speaking to you. Polite and whatnot. The most surprising ride I had was when I found what looked to be a crack pipe sitting on the seat when I scooted in. I didn't ask the driver about it, but sneakily took a picture to ask my peers XD. 

February can only bring more wonderful things. I claim it this instant. Happy 2018 all, and let the positivity follow you all the way through!

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