Happy New Year!

Open your eyes, and outstretch those arms to a new day. Happy New Year, you've made it to 2018! The passed year was something else to say the least. There was good and bad change in the world around me. No matter what transpired in the passing days, looking forward is the way to go. Here are some resolutions that I'm hoping to keep up with this year.
#1  Fall back in Love
๐Ÿ“š ๐ŸŽจ ๐Ÿ’—
There are a handful of things that I've set on back burners due to being in bluer moods, and I'd love to bring those things back into my life this year. Some of these things being reading, arting, and self loving. I vow to, first, read through the books living on my shelves that have yet to be touched [or just haven't been touched in a while]. I also vow to go through my art things, clean them up, re-up on what needs to be re-upped, and also stop being so hard on myself with what I create. Self-love is a little more broad, but it includes things like bathing more [with bubbles, oils, petals, toys, etc etc], drinking more tea, doing my face up when I wanna, and treating myself to some cuter clothing. 

#2 Fall into better habits
๐Ÿ  ๐Ÿ‹ ๐Ÿฒ
I've accumulated a good deal of bad habits in 2017. Not caring leading to me being a bit of a bum. I hope to improve things like getting on a better cleaning schedule for the house, getting back into a better schedule for doing my hair, work on a work out schedule, and acquire some better eating habits. 

#3 Attempt to save better
Yeah...I like to shop =_= but I'm getting better at telling myself that things can wait, and if the things are gone before I can purchase them then they weren't meant to be apart of my life.

#4 Vroom Vroom Baby
I've been nagged enough that the stress over driving is less than the stress of people getting on my about not driving, so I'm hoping to acquire my license this year for the sole purpose of people leaving me alone about it. That truly is the main purpose, the other purpose is that it'd give me a better way to explore. My two feet and public transportation was decent, but asthma got in the way sometimes and the anxiety of it all kept me house ridden for most of the time.

#5 More of a Hope - Work space
This one is more of just a hope. I really want to work on my wardrobe, making it something that I can be adorable in no matter the occasion. It's a bit hard to do this when the place I work has a dress code. Especially when it's as bland as solid color tops and jeans. I'm hoping to land myself a job that gives me less anxiety of customer interaction and more freedom of self expression this coming year.

Mmm short, sweet, and seemingly easy to keep up with this year. 
It's time to focus on improving and moving forward! 
Have you made a resolutions list this year? 


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