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[Jan 2018] Phone Photo Dump

December '17 & January '18
Majority of these photos come from my January. I only added December for the sake of the christmas gift photos thrown up top. Anyways, January starts a new year and a new year in my Dad's life on this earth. His birthday was the 2nd. He and my stepmom happened to be in town, so they scooped me up from work to pick up some pho dinner. We went to our house, and enjoyed dinner with them and my fella. It was nice, love-filled and relaxing. This month also started my start of good habit starting :D. I've been making fruit smoothies for the fella and I as often as possible, as well as changing our diet to include less red meats. Like ovo-lacto pescatarian diet with chicken sometimes lol. I also am addicted to those Del Monte chia fruit blend cup things. My favorite being the peach in strawberry and dragonfruit flavored chia. GA has been surprising me still with these intense freezing temperatures this year. We don't usually have consecutive…

The Boulet Brothers' Dragula [Thoughts + FanArt]

Hello lovely readers. If you know me, you know I'm a lover of the more spooky or creepy. I do still love a good helping of cute, and if we can mix that adorableness with a bit of horror then I and sold. This brings me to recently stumbling onto "Dragula".  It's like Rupaul's Drag Race meets Face Off, and had a horrifically glamorous drag baby. I quickly binged the first two seasons, only to hope that the production gets a bigger budget for each new season.

Season one gave me life, and introduced me to a whole new world of drag. Season two got a bit more budget, and gave me the life I didn't know I missed in season one. I'd seen "drag monsters" on instagram from time to time, but I'd never known there was a subculture for it. Hearing the girls talk about how Dragula has opened their eyes to knowing what their own drag form was was so nice to hear. Like finding your place in life and knowing that others feel the same way, or were wishing for a…

Order Experience: Komunhurangi

I follow @komunhurangi quite religiously on instagram, though I hadn't had the chance to support her work until lately. I initially was waiting on the off chance that she'd pop up at one of my local anime conventions. That's not a very reliable way of supporting due to her living on the opposite side of the country. She'd made a post on the 12th saying that her online shop was now open, and would only be open until the 14th with plans not to open until after the new year. I wanted to make sure I could get my hands on one of her BNHA 3.5" acrylic charms, before the possibility of them selling out and never returning again.
All of this happening at once led me to her shop, and saw a couple of things that needed to be added to my personal life.
I placed my order on December 13th,  got an email that my package was shipped on the 15th, and received my order on the 18th!
Everything arrived as cute as they looked in the photos. I ended up getting not only the Izuku Midor…

New Year Pick-me-up

I may be late to the John party, but hopefully this'll brighten your day. Have a dose of this lovely 82 year old man living his full life!

Being a 20 something year old asthmatic, this man trumps all irrational fears of me properly singing to my favorite metal songs. No more holding back! Only room for maximizing full potentials here! If him getting three yeses from the crew wasn't fulfilling enough, he got to perform with Drowning Pool at Ink in the Clink!

To think, this inspiration came about because a retiree decided to have some fun with karaoke. Why yes, yes I have been jigging in my seat while typing this and simultaneously listening to the videos in the background.  Thanks for reading Happy New Year ^_~

Happy New Year!

Open your eyes, and outstretch those arms to a new day. Happy New Year, you've made it to 2018! The passed year was something else to say the least. There was good and bad change in the world around me. No matter what transpired in the passing days, looking forward is the way to go. Here are some resolutions that I'm hoping to keep up with this year.
#1  Fall back in Love 📚 🎨 💗 There are a handful of things that I've set on back burners due to being in bluer moods, and I'd love to bring those things back into my life this year. Some of these things being reading, arting, and self loving. I vow to, first, read through the books living on my shelves that have yet to be touched [or just haven't been touched in a while]. I also vow to go through my art things, clean them up, re-up on what needs to be re-upped, and also stop being so hard on myself with what I create. Self-love is a little more broad, but it includes things like bathing more [with bubbles, oils, peta…