Unexpected Hiatus & Updates

Hey! Long time no write!
I took a pretty long hiatus from updating my life anywhere this year, due to unexpected life changes and other things happening at the butt of this year. The apartment I was living in started to show apparent signs of mold, which led me to having to move earlier than planned. The area I ended up having to move to is now 40 minutes to an hours car commute to work, when it was once a 10 to 15 min walk. If I want to catch public transportation instead of paying for an uber, I have to leave a good 2 and a half hours before my shift to arrive on time. I'm still in a temporary supervisor position, while holding down a dept head position at the same time. Even with both duties now being mine, I am not being paid enough for all that I'm doing nor do I feel appreciated at my job anymore. These feelings have led me into a slump about work, and are bringing up loatheful feelings towards my job. 
It's pushed me to put in applications elsewhere, and to get back serious about learning how to drive. I love riding public transportation [especially when there's no time restrictions on what I'm trying to get done], but it's a bit limiting when trying to get the best out of the time I have in a full day.  Baby steps though, since driving still gives me severe anxiety!
I haven't been able to give some good 'ol attention to my art in a good little minute, but I've not lost hope in it! I'm very confident that I just need to get back in control of my schedule, and I'll be able to get down and art again. 
Even though I feel like I have less and less time for things that I love, I have made time to get some self-love self-care in. I've been tampering with daily masking, drinking more tea, and cooking/eating better meals. 
2017 has been quite the high speed ride so far, and now that's it's coming to a close I can't have anything but positive vibes about the coming year. I'm excited for positive changes and what else the future has in store.


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