Fall Wonderland in Georgia❄

With Winter still a womping 12 days away [originally written 12/9/17], Georgia has decided to give us some lovely snowy weather. It decided to stick overnight this year. The snowfall lasted longer than usual as well, so we got a little bit of height for a southern state.

I took a good handful of Live photos with my phone, which I figured out how to make postable as videos. Brace yourselves for the mini onslaught of mini videos!

I'm used to a very small amount of snow, hardly covering the full dirt/grass on the ground and that being it. Even if it sticks, it usually melts back to it's natural form within hours.
Views from my Uber ride home//Post-Stickage & Still Falling
The view after arriving home, and watching the snow fall for a bit longer. I stayed inside since I already had to walk in the sloshing snow to get to the train station from work. I ubered from there, and it took a little over an hour to make it home.
The snow was still falling when I went upstairs to lay down. Though the sun has come out, the snow is taking it's good time to melt. I decided to stay home from work anyways, so I don't get stuck paying surge pricing for an uber or getting stuck on public transportation.
I love it! This doesn't happen often in GA [though it has been happening more frequently these current years *cough*climatechange*cough], so whenever it does I like to soak it all in and enjoy it til the last melted snow drop.


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