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Guilty Pleasure - Toy Unboxing [Picture Heavy]

I am the type of human who is still buying toys, no matter what age I may be. I believe it helps to keep a firm grasp on childlike personalities that are still lurking within me. Even if it doesn't, it makes me happy in some way, shape, or form ^_^!  Speaking of toys... 

..I've been hoarding a little bundle of blind bag/box toys to open up on a rainy day. That day came, and I tore through every last one of them!

Sumikko Gurashi Plush Blind Box  I really wanted to get Penguin or Tokage from this set, but I'm still happy to have pulled out this little brown puff.
His name is Tonkatsu, and he's an adorable pork cutlet. He apparently hides behind soy sauce bottles, and is often left on the plate due to him being 99% fat. Poor guy.

 Disney Mxyz Vinyl Keychain Blind Box When picking this Mxyz box, there's really no cheat way to help you tell what's inside. I was truly hoping to pull out Scrump or Stitch when opening up this one. Instead I picked...
Mickey Mouse! It&#…