Teas' Tea 🍡 Tasting and Review

Forever attempting to add more tea-intake into my daily life. World Market was [still is] having a sale on a couple of their Teas' Tea teas, so I snagged up one of each flavor for trying out. 

Organic Pomegranate Blueberry Green Tea
Organic Mango Yuzu Green Tea
Organic Peach Ginger Black Tea
I took one for each of my work days, Saturday-Sunday-Monday, giving my taste buds some time to rest before diving into another flavor. I was also hoping that it would be a good "day-starter" beverage, and would give me  a sense of energy boost for the coming work day ahead.
I'd decided on trying the Pomegranate Blueberry flavor first. I thought it nice to start my day off with, not only some added non-coffee caffeine, but a nice little boost of antioxidants. This specific bottle states that it was made with purified water, cane sugar, green tea, and natural flavors. I highly appreciated the lightness of the flavors. Usually, pomegranate is a little on the tart side for me. There was no overbearing flavors coming from any angle. I do believe I felt a little bit of energy, and a will to stay positive throughout the day...which is very hard when you work in retail hell. I drank the whole of this tea before I even made it home!
Sunday's tea was the Organic Mango and Yuzu Green tea. It has the same makings as the pom-blue tea, except there's added dried mango. I adore how aesthetically pleasing this bottle is. The hue of the tea coinciding with the color of the label. It puts me in a better mind set just staring at it. The flavor is what's most important though, right? The taste of this tea was delightful, but after a while of drinking it it started to give off a candy-like after taste. Like I was sucking on hard candy, but all I'd done was sip this tea. That didn't stop me from finishing the whole bottle, though I'd finished it's remains when I made it home. I still felt decently energized, and positive throughout the day. I'm unsure how often I'd drink this one, only because of that aftertaste. It'd probably taste REALLY good frozen o.o.
Great phone-cam pic [oh the sarcasm]
Monday's tea was the last of the bunch. The organic peach ginger black tea. I had high hopes for this one....because I love things peach flavored! The ginger was nice and light, but I think the black tea aspect of it was something my body didnt agree with. Or, maybe just a combination of the three together. I did try to drink the full of this tea throughout the day, but I wasn't able to finish it. It's actually still sitting in the fridge in the breakroom as I type. A third of the way through, I started to feel a little ill. Like I was going to be nauseous soon. That was the beginning of me slowing down on drinking it, and what's led it to be forgotten at work. I dont think I'd buy this one again to drink for myself. If I buy it for my fella to try and he likes it, then that would be my only reasoning for repurchasing it.

In conclusion, the one I was most worried about enjoying ended up being my favorite. I would give the organic Pomegranate Blueberry green tea a 4.5 out of 5! I'm hoping they don't sell out before I can get a decent stocking of the ones they have left. I may buy a couple of the Yuzu and Mango green teas as well, but I'm definitely leaving the Ginger Peach on the shelf!

🍡 Thank you for reading!🍡
Have you changed up your teas for the fall season yet?
Find Teas' Tea at World Market
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