July PhotoDump + August Goals 2017


Some of my favorite memories from July! I received a lovely present from a close friend, got to explore a new [to me] eatery with another friend, get back into kawaii and stationary fun, and acquired a new pen pal! I'm still working on mastering meal prep, but I am getting better!

Goals for August

Meal Prep
I want to be able to have at least our lunches for the week planned out, but I know if I only do "lunch" we may end up eating them on our lazy cooking days ( =_=)>. Anyways, anything closer to perfecting it would be amazing really. Another point --> At least we're adding more and more fruits/veggies to our diets!

I've been pretty consistent with posting a vlog for every Thursday, since I've made it my "thing". I'd like it to be completely consistent though, heh. I'd also noticed me losing my blog motivation, and giving all my attention to vlogging. I don't want to continue neglecting my poor blog, and I will definitely be trying to comment and interact more! I suppose I could say that last bit is for real life too.

Oh, how I'd love to be better at communicating. What I do at work is fake and forced, but in the real world I feel like I'm just rambling and annoying. So, let's lose that feeling completely and just say whatever's on my mind! Cod flabbit! Well, at least if it's something I really want to say that is. I'd also enjoy being generally more comfortable holding conversations with people I care about [can I reiterate enough that I dont care about my customers XD].

I am constantly talking about decluttering, or think I'm decluttering but in retrospect...I'm really just tossing things I would feel comfy giving away in tote bags and putting them in the "Go to Goodwill" corner..heh. I hope to follow through with donating these things, and continue the process of letting go. I'm sure it'll definitely help with any emotional/mental strains that may be adding to my feelings of overwhelm.

Read and Craft
I've fallen way behind with my Goodreads Reading Challenge for this year. Not like I've really finished any of the prior years, but that's neither here nor there. I'd really like to accomplish this one this year, and am currently reading From the Fatherland with Love [Ryu Murakami]. It's quite the hefty book, but its one more I need to finish to have read all of Murakami's works. I'd also like to reopen my storenvy, and am hard trying to get better at digitalizing my art. Not completely going away from traditional art either, which makes having "merchandise" even more fun. I have a lot to accomplish before I'm ready to open up, but I believe I can get a chunk of it done this month!

What are your favorite or least favorite memories from July? 
What are you most excited to get into for August?
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Thanks for reading
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