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Thoughts, Friends, and Toys.

Lately, I've been finding myself stressing over the idea of having "friends" or a "best friend". I grew up with movies like Then & Now, The Sandlot, Lean on Me, and the like. Shows like this have depicted the idea of "I should have a super close best friend, or a group of friends that I can always turn to or hangout with". This has been less than true for my personal life.

It seemed as though that every person who had reached the level of me uttering "best friend" with a positive connotation to their name in the same sentence, I soon get screwed over or don't receive the same level of care I give from that very same person. It leaves me very uncomfortable allowing new humans into my personal circle. I find myself calling these people acquaintances/close acquaintances instead of using the term friends. Even if I do end up using the word friends, I usually am adding air quotes to the word so that all know it's not meant to be the …

Teas' Tea 🍵 Tasting and Review

Forever attempting to add more tea-intake into my daily life. World Market was [still is] having a sale on a couple of their Teas' Tea teas, so I snagged up one of each flavor for trying out. 
I took one for each of my work days, Saturday-Sunday-Monday, giving my taste buds some time to rest before diving into another flavor. I was also hoping that it would be a good "day-starter" beverage, and would give me  a sense of energy boost for the coming work day ahead.
I'd decided on trying the Pomegranate Blueberry flavor first. I thought it nice to start my day off with, not only some added non-coffee caffeine, but a nice little boost of antioxidants. This specific bottle states that it was made with purified water, cane sugar, green tea, and natural flavors. I highly appreciated the lightness of the flavors. Usually, pomegranate is a little on the tart side for me. There was no overbearing flavors coming from any angle. I do believe I felt a little bit of energy, and a…

July PhotoDump + August Goals 2017


Some of my favorite memories from July! I received a lovely present from a close friend, got to explore a new [to me] eatery with another friend, get back into kawaii and stationary fun, and acquired a new pen pal! I'm still working on mastering meal prep, but I am getting better!

Goals for August
Meal Prep I want to be able to have at least our lunches for the week planned out, but I know if I only do "lunch" we may end up eating them on our lazy cooking days ( =_=)>. Anyways, anything closer to perfecting it would be amazing really. Another point --> At least we're adding more and more fruits/veggies to our diets!
Blog/Vlog I've been pretty consistent with posting a vlog for every Thursday, since I've made it my "thing". I'd like it to be completely consistent though, heh. I'd also noticed me losing my blog motivation, and giving all my attention to vlogging. I don't want to continue neglecting my poor blog, and I will definitely…