Friday, August 25, 2017

Thoughts, Friends, and Toys.

Lately, I've been finding myself stressing over the idea of having "friends" or a "best friend". I grew up with movies like Then & Now, The Sandlot, Lean on Me, and the like. Shows like this have depicted the idea of "I should have a super close best friend, or a group of friends that I can always turn to or hangout with". This has been less than true for my personal life.

It seemed as though that every person who had reached the level of me uttering "best friend" with a positive connotation to their name in the same sentence, I soon get screwed over or don't receive the same level of care I give from that very same person. It leaves me very uncomfortable allowing new humans into my personal circle. I find myself calling these people acquaintances/close acquaintances instead of using the term friends. Even if I do end up using the word friends, I usually am adding air quotes to the word so that all know it's not meant to be the real meaning of friends.

This is nowhere near a fun feeling, but the more I age and grow the easier it seems to let this feeling slide off of me. It gives me time to relearn myself, and what my real needs/wants are.

On a more positive note, I did hang out with a human I am highly fond of. I'd like to call him my friend, but it's easier for me to just express how much I care for this human. Platonically of course, but I still have intense love for this being and the things he represents. Anyways, enough praising him. A friend of mine from college was visiting for the weekend, and actually hit me up on my off day to see if I was free. I saw his posting on social media that he was visiting, and saw others commenting on his post of wanting to hang out. Me feeling like the oddball I am, I merely liked his status and kept it moving. Do I have to mention I was surprised to be contacted? Well, I was lol and quite excited to be invited out to do something.

I did get myself a little under the influence before we decided on a meet time, and was hoping I would come down before I had to head over to meet him...but of course I didn't, and my anxieties were on high. I did inform him before that I was under the influence, so he was prepared. Usually, I overthink what to talk about and how to act/react when hanging out with other humans. This time was very chill. We got him some food, then I showed him a couple of my favorite stores in the mall [oh, we were meeting at the mall by the way lol]. We'd walked about the whole mall, in and out of different stores. Very calm atmosphere of shopping and doing our own thing, but still together. I believe he could feel when I was uncomfy in a store due to people, and was ready to let me know we could go if I wanted to. It was nice to have a friend-like being paying attention to what my needs were, and not just me being the one doing so.

We ended up doing a lot of walking, and even ended up walking to the bookstore. It's the breath of fresh air that I look for in the people I want in my "inner circle" you know? Though I can't get it from everywhere, it's nice to know that it isn't completely a lost cause.
My face though.
Let's see the goodies and gets that I stumbled upon from our outing! All toys of course because I'm 5 ^_~.
IT Pennywise Funko Pop Figure
Jimi Hendrix Funko Pop Figure [for my fella]
[Disney Store]
Disney Mxyz blind box keychain
Madoka Magica Madoka figure
Not only was the day with a friend delightful, but pretty much all the goodies I'd found I'd also gotten a lovely deal on. The pops were on sale for getting more than one, and I also received a voucher to use for next month. My lovely Madoka find was sitting on the clearance table, calling out to me. I was surprised she was still there, and no one had already snatched her up before me. I almost have the urge to rewatch the anime, but I think I'm not due for a hard cry just yet lol.

All in all, even if your life is seemingly overflowing with negativity there is gobs of positivity waiting for you somewhere. Take the bad as decently as you can, then grow and get on from it. Hopefully typing it out will help it stick 😛

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Teas' Tea 🍵 Tasting and Review

Forever attempting to add more tea-intake into my daily life. World Market was [still is] having a sale on a couple of their Teas' Tea teas, so I snagged up one of each flavor for trying out. 

Organic Pomegranate Blueberry Green Tea
Organic Mango Yuzu Green Tea
Organic Peach Ginger Black Tea
I took one for each of my work days, Saturday-Sunday-Monday, giving my taste buds some time to rest before diving into another flavor. I was also hoping that it would be a good "day-starter" beverage, and would give me  a sense of energy boost for the coming work day ahead.
I'd decided on trying the Pomegranate Blueberry flavor first. I thought it nice to start my day off with, not only some added non-coffee caffeine, but a nice little boost of antioxidants. This specific bottle states that it was made with purified water, cane sugar, green tea, and natural flavors. I highly appreciated the lightness of the flavors. Usually, pomegranate is a little on the tart side for me. There was no overbearing flavors coming from any angle. I do believe I felt a little bit of energy, and a will to stay positive throughout the day...which is very hard when you work in retail hell. I drank the whole of this tea before I even made it home!
Sunday's tea was the Organic Mango and Yuzu Green tea. It has the same makings as the pom-blue tea, except there's added dried mango. I adore how aesthetically pleasing this bottle is. The hue of the tea coinciding with the color of the label. It puts me in a better mind set just staring at it. The flavor is what's most important though, right? The taste of this tea was delightful, but after a while of drinking it it started to give off a candy-like after taste. Like I was sucking on hard candy, but all I'd done was sip this tea. That didn't stop me from finishing the whole bottle, though I'd finished it's remains when I made it home. I still felt decently energized, and positive throughout the day. I'm unsure how often I'd drink this one, only because of that aftertaste. It'd probably taste REALLY good frozen o.o.
Great phone-cam pic [oh the sarcasm]
Monday's tea was the last of the bunch. The organic peach ginger black tea. I had high hopes for this one....because I love things peach flavored! The ginger was nice and light, but I think the black tea aspect of it was something my body didnt agree with. Or, maybe just a combination of the three together. I did try to drink the full of this tea throughout the day, but I wasn't able to finish it. It's actually still sitting in the fridge in the breakroom as I type. A third of the way through, I started to feel a little ill. Like I was going to be nauseous soon. That was the beginning of me slowing down on drinking it, and what's led it to be forgotten at work. I dont think I'd buy this one again to drink for myself. If I buy it for my fella to try and he likes it, then that would be my only reasoning for repurchasing it.

In conclusion, the one I was most worried about enjoying ended up being my favorite. I would give the organic Pomegranate Blueberry green tea a 4.5 out of 5! I'm hoping they don't sell out before I can get a decent stocking of the ones they have left. I may buy a couple of the Yuzu and Mango green teas as well, but I'm definitely leaving the Ginger Peach on the shelf!

🍵 Thank you for reading!🍵
Have you changed up your teas for the fall season yet?
Find Teas' Tea at World Market
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Thursday, August 3, 2017

July PhotoDump + August Goals 2017


Some of my favorite memories from July! I received a lovely present from a close friend, got to explore a new [to me] eatery with another friend, get back into kawaii and stationary fun, and acquired a new pen pal! I'm still working on mastering meal prep, but I am getting better!

Goals for August

Meal Prep
I want to be able to have at least our lunches for the week planned out, but I know if I only do "lunch" we may end up eating them on our lazy cooking days ( =_=)>. Anyways, anything closer to perfecting it would be amazing really. Another point --> At least we're adding more and more fruits/veggies to our diets!

I've been pretty consistent with posting a vlog for every Thursday, since I've made it my "thing". I'd like it to be completely consistent though, heh. I'd also noticed me losing my blog motivation, and giving all my attention to vlogging. I don't want to continue neglecting my poor blog, and I will definitely be trying to comment and interact more! I suppose I could say that last bit is for real life too.

Oh, how I'd love to be better at communicating. What I do at work is fake and forced, but in the real world I feel like I'm just rambling and annoying. So, let's lose that feeling completely and just say whatever's on my mind! Cod flabbit! Well, at least if it's something I really want to say that is. I'd also enjoy being generally more comfortable holding conversations with people I care about [can I reiterate enough that I dont care about my customers XD].

I am constantly talking about decluttering, or think I'm decluttering but in retrospect...I'm really just tossing things I would feel comfy giving away in tote bags and putting them in the "Go to Goodwill" corner..heh. I hope to follow through with donating these things, and continue the process of letting go. I'm sure it'll definitely help with any emotional/mental strains that may be adding to my feelings of overwhelm.

Read and Craft
I've fallen way behind with my Goodreads Reading Challenge for this year. Not like I've really finished any of the prior years, but that's neither here nor there. I'd really like to accomplish this one this year, and am currently reading From the Fatherland with Love [Ryu Murakami]. It's quite the hefty book, but its one more I need to finish to have read all of Murakami's works. I'd also like to reopen my storenvy, and am hard trying to get better at digitalizing my art. Not completely going away from traditional art either, which makes having "merchandise" even more fun. I have a lot to accomplish before I'm ready to open up, but I believe I can get a chunk of it done this month!

What are your favorite or least favorite memories from July? 
What are you most excited to get into for August?
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Thanks for reading
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