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Lavender Confetti Nails

I deal with a good bit of furniture moving, down-stocking, and other nail polish deterrent things at work. Which means, my nails chip quite easily and frequently. That's ok though because chipped nails means new nail polish! I'm still quite stuck on the pastel polish I seem to have in my arsenal and chose a deep lavender color for this week's nail art!

I picked out another one of my funky fingers glitter/confetti polishes to keep me from just painting every nail the same color. The little bit of change up helps to justify me owning so many different bottles of polish, teehee.

I think they came out cute [as if I'd think any of my nail combos weren't cute], but I think I'll play with the "confetti" aspect if I do this combination again. I feel like the lavender is more overwhelming than I want it to be.

June Favorites 2017

A new month is upon us, which means it's time to take a look back at the materialistic goodies that were happy-making for my June. Just a quick short list of my favorites for the passed month!

The first couple items are my newest journal and bus pass holder.  I saw the journal while at work, and absolutely HAD TO HAVE IT. Well, after some thought that is. When I first opened up it's box and saw the succulent print, I was instantly in love. I know I collect paper like porcelain dolls collect dust, so I slept on it for a couple of days before actually buying it. The two factors that made me pull out my wallet were:  1. Front & Back Print The succulent print in the inner front and back covers is gorgeous.  A beautiful marriage of my favorite colors [blue green and purple].  The aesthetic is visually appealing, and brings me happy calm feelings. 2. Binding's Bend-ability Ooooooh yessss, that's nice.  The winner was me being able to lay my journal down flat,  which creates a…