Recent Stationery Buys

With the purchase of a new Journal, the spark I once had with stationery has been reignited. I took to the one place I knew I could get a quick fix without tapping too much into my bank...Aliexpress. The goodies haven't arrived just yet, but here are the lovelies I'm waiting for. 

So many goodies that I can't wait to get my hands on. I think I'm most excited for the sakura petal washi tape, and the grid sticky notes. It will be nice to have a nice set of carry around highlighters [and mini box cutter], and one can never have too many stickers. It also looks like I've fallen back into the washi tape craze. I was going to wait until I've used up all the ones I currently had before buying more...that worked out well, obviously.
I also picked out this adorable pastel blue choker to go with my pastel blue coords. The Sailor Moon socks are for a Friend package I'm putting together, well for a friend lol.
Thank you for reading!


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