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Cosmic Kawaii Nails

Does anyone else get the urge to do their nails before work? Since I'd been working mid-shifts [usually starting at 11am or 12pm], I've had time to play in the morning. Which brought me to this polish combination. I decided to skip a finger with the color scheme and alternate for the other hand. I love the results, and feel the need to update my arsenal with more pastel colors for more funky cute patterns.

Recent Stationery Buys

With the purchase of a new Journal, the spark I once had with stationery has been reignited. I took to the one place I knew I could get a quick fix without tapping too much into my bank...Aliexpress. The goodies haven't arrived just yet, but here are the lovelies I'm waiting for. 
So many goodies that I can't wait to get my hands on. I think I'm most excited for the sakura petal washi tape, and the grid sticky notes. It will be nice to have a nice set of carry around highlighters [and mini box cutter], and one can never have too many stickers. It also looks like I've fallen back into the washi tape craze. I was going to wait until I've used up all the ones I currently had before buying more...that worked out well, obviously.
I also picked out this adorable pastel blue choker to go with my pastel blue coords. The Sailor Moon socks are for a Friend package I'm putting together, well for a friend lol.
Thank you for reading!

June 15 & 16 | 2017

Initially, I planned to take a trip to the local Botanical Garden with a little group of friends. All of them did end up bailing on me, and due to not having working headphones I decided not to make the trip alone. Something about walking without headphones gives me great amounts of anxiety. I decided to instead treat myself with a little bit of noms, journaling, and pen palling.

The 16th was a bit more productive for me, though I did still spend a good bit of the day at bed...
🐙 Caught up with OITNB [so I could watch with Steven again] 🐙 Finished editing a video for Youtube  🐙 Journaled in new Journal 😊
No tidying up, no headstart on cooking, nothing super productive but still productive things in their own right, heh. Once my heart arrived back home, I made a mad dash for the front [where he parked] with his flip flops in hand. We were headed to Tropical Smoothie Cafe to get the free sunshine smoothie they were offering if you were wearing flip flops.  The cashier seeme…