Treat Yoself Birfday Shopping Haul [pic&word heavy]

I've gotten into that "treat yoself" kind of spirit one gets into when it's around ones birthday. That kind of feeling where you just want to spoil yourself to bits and pieces. You tell yourself, it's finally time to get that thing you wanted. Or is that just me o.o? Well, I ended up getting many many things all throughout my birthday month anyways. It's not often that I go shopping for non-work related clothing [or just without work in mind], or makeup stuffs in general. I decided it high time to get some new pieces in both departments.
With many trips to malls and shopping centers with friends and my fella all during May, it wasn't that hard to build up a little haul of some super cute things.
This was my first time ordering and experiencing Colourpop cosmetics. Picking out colors was easy, there were promos going on, got some freebies, and shipping was quick!
Bright Idea Lip Trio
Friday Ultra Matte Lip
Frick'N'Frack Ultra Satin Lip
Marshmallow Ultra Satin Lip
Cheeky Super Shock Shadow
Paradox Super Shock Shadow
Ignition Super Shock Shadow
2x Mini Bar Lip Freebies

I've only tried out the Frick'N'Frack so far. This photo was after a full day's wear. The color is pretty close to my natural lip color, but still draws your eyes to my lips. I think it'd be nice to wear for any occasion, even if I'd decided I wanted to wear lippie to work...which I probably wont lol. The best part about the lipstick so far is...that it didn't break my lips out one bit!

Here are the current promos I took advantage of. They're still active, as well as free domestic shipping!

Still on a the makeup kick, I stopped at Sephora with a friend of mine. I decided to finally give "high end" makeup a try. If Sephora is considered high-end makeup, that is o.o? There wasn't very much I wanted to buy. There was a brush set, but it was sold out. The display set was even missing the one brush I wanted from the whole set. There were plenty of colorful eyeliners that I wanted, but I settled on only getting one along with my birfday freebie.
I bought this Sketch Marker in white from the Too Faced line. I've seen their line on many other blogs and videos I've come across. Their packaging for their pieces are pretty much too cute to pass up.
Such a cute container!
If I had purpose for shadow palettes right now, I'm sure I would have gotten one from the Too Faced line. There were also some liners from the Stila collection that I really wanted, but I couldn't justify spending $60 on eyeliners alone.
The gift I chose was from the Tarte line. I've never owned anything from Tarte, so to get a blush and mini lippie for a freebie gift was a nice way to ease into the line! I haven't tried either yet, but I think they'll be nice calm tones against my skin.
We ended up at Ulta that day as well. I'm still unsure how to get my bday freebie from them, but I picked up a couple different products anyways.
I was hellbent on finding a back scrubing bath brush [ecotools], and found one decently priced and durable looking at Ulta. I was going to buy one from World Market, but the brush seems to never want to stay attached to the handle
on the ones sold there. I also picked up another 3-step nose kit [TonyMoly] to have my fella try out. I'm excited to see if he likes it or not. If he does, then it solidifies my want to buy the ten pack I found online. I also got myself a little makeup bag. It's blue and looks like it could be a bandana print of sorts. I'm hellbent on finding a couple more, in aquatic prints. I picked up the Formula 10.0.6 Rescue me Acne blemish treatment since I'd been enjoying the other products I'd been trying from that line. Lastly, I got a little set of eyeshadow brushes.
It's nice and compact. I also like that they're double sided. It makes me feel like less space is being taken up with them being like that. I kind of don't want to use them until I find some proper brush cleaner though, haha.

I believe that is the jist of my makeup haullage. Now let's move on to the attire bits and bobs. I did have a mission for the clothing. I was supposed to be getting nice and flowy pieces for the hot months. Less dark clothing, and more things pastel or light. I also wanted to get my hands on a couple bodysuits, if not rompers.
I stopped at a store called Giti when Ladyfox and I went to the mall to visit Round1. Surprisingly, I was able to find some really lovely pieces!
The two croptops ended up being 1.99 each, and the romper was either $3 or $5. I love finding decent clothes for so cheap! I think I kind of hit "pastel" with the salmon shirt, and there's a pastel pink stripe on the sides of the grey romper. Starting good already! I also love this romper, not only for it's kawaiiness when on, but for the fact that it covers my cheeks! *wipes tear* they're so perfect.

We also stopped at the Rue21 [etc!] at that mall, and found one during our trip to the outlet malls. I found great sales both times. They each had a really good discount on top of their clearance prices.
From the first stop, I did only find the cactus top. The panties weren't on sale, but a girl never not needs new panties [a girl always needs new panties]. The cactus sleeves are a bit on the darker side BUT I though I could go in with my nice bright fabric markers, and do something fun with the print if I really wanna. Outlet shopping proved to be a little more fruitful. I stuck to my pastel needs, for the most part. I got myself two very comfortable pastel tees. One being sky blue, and the other being like a light kiwi green. I've worn the blue one already on a hot summer day. I don't think I sweat through, and it was actually cool compared to how my clothes usually feel. It is a bit baggy on me, but it's the look I was going for. Also found my first bodysuit! It's a teeny bit snug, but I like the shape it gives my body when on, so I had to get it. I love the floral print, and I think the pink is close enough to pastel for it to still be a win. The hoodie is just more of a comfy staple piece. Since it was so cheap, I picked it up...almost in every color. I stayed in control though teehee. I think it'll be nice if one of these days it decides to be cool, or for lounging around the house.

We found an H&M, and boy was I excited...except I didn't find much! 
I legit only found this pair of jeans, which were a STEAL at $5. I'd already worn these pants as well. Super comfy, though my waist is a bit small. My butt loves them though, so I'll just have to use safetypins or a belt for the waist if I really wanna. I did end up getting my fella two pairs of sunnies from H&M as well!
The last stop at the outlet malls for me, was Charlotte Russe. 
Everything's black pretty much! I don't know how this happened. My pastel mission was left at the door with this one lol. Everything was so decently priced, I couldn't say no! I picked up a nice comfy LIGHT maroon top [haha not pastel but it is a light shade of red], a black lace bodysuit, a link front crop top in black, some heart top leggings, and a pair of sunnies. Oh, and just now noticing that I'm missing a black and white crop top from this photo...I was wearing it the day I was taking pictures.

After all the mall visits were said and done, it was time to come home to my fella. He'd gotten back into reading for fun, and had finished the books he'd most reently gotten for himself. It meant a trip to Barnes & Nobles was in store.
I attempted to find some new horror, or spooky manga to read. I didn't go in with high hopes. Majority of the books pictured are for my fella, though I'll probably still end up reading them. I bought him the brain book and Siddhartha, as well as Joyland for myself. He picked up You Can Read Anyone and a Philosophy book for himself, though I had the YCRA book in my hand first. So more like a household book haul lol. I've started reading the You Can Read anyone book, but am alternating between that one and Eat Me.

I've had a lot of fun spoiling myself for this year's bday! I can't wait for the actual day, but if it's a nice chill relaxed day I think I can enjoy that.

Thanks for reading!
If you want to see a try on video:


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