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---ColourPop Makeup Fun Pic Dump---

Photos From Nikon in natural light Eyes: NYC Liquid Eyeliner [black] Too Faced Pure White Sketch Marker Colourpop Cheeky Super Shock Shadow Etude House Look at my Eyes [RD301] Colourpop Paradox Super Shock Shadow Lips: Carmex Colourpop Marshmallow Ultra Satin Lip Colourpop Dopey Ultra Satin Lip

Pictures taken on Phone Camera

Treat Yoself Birfday Shopping Haul [pic&word heavy]

I've gotten into that "treat yoself" kind of spirit one gets into when it's around ones birthday. That kind of feeling where you just want to spoil yourself to bits and pieces. You tell yourself, it's finally time to get that thing you wanted. Or is that just me o.o? Well, I ended up getting many many things all throughout my birthday month anyways. It's not often that I go shopping for non-work related clothing [or just without work in mind], or makeup stuffs in general. I decided it high time to get some new pieces in both departments.
With many trips to malls and shopping centers with friends and my fella all during May, it wasn't that hard to build up a little haul of some super cute things.
This was my first time ordering and experiencing Colourpop cosmetics. Picking out colors was easy, there were promos going on, got some freebies, and shipping was quick!
Bright Idea Lip Trio Friday Ultra Matte Lip Frick'N'Frack Ultra Satin Lip Marshmallow…

Etude House Hands Up Mustache Wax Patch Test 👩🏽

Hello fellow earth dwellers. During my journey to find working skin care for my sensitive face, I stumbled upon a cute little wax patch from Etude House. It's from their Hands Up line, and claims to be able to remove upper lip hairs. I allowed mine to grow out a little just to try these bad boys out.  Here are the results I got

As you can see, epic failure both times I attempted. Some hairs came off with the patch, but only like 6 or 7...I need the whole stache gone. Maybe I'll attempt again with a smaller mustache, since I still have patches left. In the future, I most likely will not be repurchasing these bad boys lol. Not effective enough for me to be a returning customer.