3.11 | Hello Kitty Cafe Truck | Atlanta | ๐Ÿ“ธ dump

I attended the Hello Kitty Cafe food truck with some friends in early March. It was a little nerve wrecking after not going to any events or anything fro quite some time, especially making the trek on my own. The food wasn't that tasty, but was super cute and I had fun with some friends. Keep scrolling for the dump of photos!
The line ended up being quite long, but luckily my friends arrived super early and had already gotten some goodies!
The gets the gets! My dear Abby was able to snag the goodies we wanted for sharing. The strawberry milk purse in the back is one of their Christmas gifts to me...not available at the cafe o.o!

All in all, I had more fun with these friend types and looking at the cute stuff than actually eating it lol. The tastiest things from the truck had to be the water [seriously], and a couple of the macarons. Everything else gave me the feeling that....they served us last years leftovers ๐Ÿ˜… ok I'll stop being bad now. I may go again in the future, if they bring the donuts and strawberry lemonade next time lol.


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