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Recent Buys: Aliexpress mini Haul

If I had all the money in the world, I'd probably unknowingly spend half of it on Aliexpress 😆. It's like ebay 2.0! I can find anything to my hearts desire within aliexpress' pages. I recently created a quest to revamp my wardrobe, adding more kawaii-esque pieces for me to choose from. Whether they be visual kei, lolita-esque, fairy kei, decora, etc. I wanted more disgustingly adorable type clothing pieces in my closet. I started my search off looking for something cute and strawberry themed. I plan to go strawberry picking with my fella when spring-time rolls around, so I had to find the perfect outfit! I stumbled upon this piece.
The shop that sells this dress also has quite the inventory of cute and edgy clothing. I almost want to buy up the whole store, but kept it safe and just added a couple pieces to my wishlist. I was excited to order this dress, and purchased it at the beginning of February. I decided on ordering it in a size M after skimming through the reviews.…

February 2017 Photo-dump

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