Steven Universe Wave 2 Funko Pops!

I suppose it is about that time for me to shovel dollars at the Funko company. The last time I did was during Christmas, but they've recently released information about another wave of Steven Universe pops!

I'm pretty excited to get my hands on Connie, and the flocked version of Lion. I honestly thought I'd be a little more excited to see the others, but their faces seem just a tiny bit off. Not saying I don't want the others, just wish their face paints/details were better. Poor Lazuli looks like they put all the effort into her wings, and decided on her face last minute. I digress, since I still love them all

Start your saving up now. They'll be releasing next month!
Thanks for reading!
Can't wait? Here's a few places where you can get your pre-orders in now:
PopInABox release date: 3·28
EntertainmentEarth due: April


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