Redditgifts: Anime and Manga 2017

I have succumb to the powers that be reddit. 

This past holiday season, I'd signed up for redditgifts in hopes to be able to join the christmas exchange. I'd spent quite a bit on the people I already had on my "to gift" list, so I backed out. I perused reddit, of course, and came back to redditgifts in January. I didn't know they did multiple exchanges throughout the year, and signed up to take part in the Anime and Manga swap!
I have an addiction to putting gift like things together for people, so this is something perfect for me to do while I don't have any gift giving holidays to prepare for.

The day I've been anxiously awaiting has finally come. Partner assignment day! I've got my partner [Ivanrhahn], a small list of their likes, a little budget saved for this very occasion, and the drive to put together a nice little Happy-Making package!

I put my planner's "to-do/list" sheets to good use and set up a game plan to attack this with the best of octomaidly quality.  This is pretty much what I've come up with so far from their preference list. 

Turns out, it's both of our first time participating in an exchange on RG. I'm so excited that I've almost finished purchasing everything. I need to finish getting a few of the remaining bits together, but I will keep updating as this package progresses, and everything comes in. I can't wait to get it on it's way! 

Thanks for reading!


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