Let's Taste some Valen-Noms

Time to stuff my face with some holiday-centric treats!

I'd been saving a reward from World Market for this very occasion! Once the Valentine's themed treats found their way on sale, I rushed into work to pick up a couple things. Yes, yes I was off. They were only on a one dale sale, and I'd already made a list of the goodies I wanted to get.

I purchased about 6 different items to test out. Here's a little reaction video before I get more into details about the nomnoms.

This popcorn was very familiar to Cracker Jacks snack. The only difference is that this Almond Roca flavored one was a little sweeter. I was happy to see that there were no nuts along with this popcorn, and that's where this popcorn is winning compared to cracker jacks. I, personally, didn't enjoy the added sweetness. I would still choose a bag of cracker jacks over this one in the end.

Something was terribly wrong with this. Well, not terribly but something was not right. Usually I can eat a whole box of Junior Mints, maybe even two. I think the dye used in the red filled ones made them taste off. I've had these last year as well, and don't remember there being an issue with flavor for me. I will probably stick to regular Junior Mints from now on.

Another candy I just was not a fan of. Way too sweet! I don't recall Ghirardelli being so sweet, but I couldn't even enjoy the candy. The white chocolate was bearable. Maybe it's best had with other things to distract you from the sweetness.

Pleasantly surprised is the feeling this Soda gave me. I was expecting immediate pain when I took a swig of this, due to giving soda up so long ago. This flavor was very light and tasty. The ginger was not overpowering at all, and the peach was light but still there. I would buy this soda again and again.
There are two other flavors that World Market is carrying right now as well. Satsuma Mint, and Bourbon Cream. I bought the Satsuma mint along with this one, and it was way too harsh for me to taste anything.

Another pleasant surprise with these jam-filled cookies. There was just enough filling per cookie that you could enjoy it without there being an uncomfortable ooey gooey feeling. The flavor of the raspberry filling is on point to begin with, and since the cookies are just a shortbread they don't take away from the deliciousness.

It seems like I saved the best items to try last. These Strawberry and Cream Lindt truffles wer another winner for Valentine's chocolates. Not only is the packaging adorable, but the aroma and flavor were perfect. I would even love to have the scent as a candle!

There were some hits and definitely some misses, but all in all World Market had a pretty decent Valentine's spread. This is only a few of the items, and more available online/instore. The things I would happily purchase again were the last three items!
  1. Southern Peach Ginger Ale Fest Soda
  2. Raspberry Jammie Dodgers
  3. Strawberry and Cream Lindt Truffles

More Suggestions for your Sweetie
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Thanks for reading!
This is NOT a sponsored post. 
All items were purchased with my own monties.


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