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Let's Taste some Valen-Noms

Time to stuff my face with some holiday-centric treats!
I'd been saving a reward from World Market for this very occasion! Once the Valentine's themed treats found their way on sale, I rushed into work to pick up a couple things. Yes, yes I was off. They were only on a one dale sale, and I'd already made a list of the goodies I wanted to get.
I purchased about 6 different items to test out. Here's a little reaction video before I get more into details about the nomnoms.

Pop Gourmet Almond Roca Popcorn This popcorn was very familiar to Cracker Jacks snack. The only difference is that this Almond Roca flavored one was a little sweeter. I was happy to see that there were no nuts along with this popcorn, and that's where this popcorn is winning compared to cracker jacks. I, personally, didn't enjoy the added sweetness. I would still choose a bag of cracker jacks over this one in the end.

Valentine Junior Mints Hearts Something was terribly wrong with this. Well, not…

Strange things from World Market #1 - Zanae Vine Leaves Stuffed with Rice

This may be new knowledge to some, but I work at World Market. Working there is quite stressful for an introvert like me, but it does have it's perks. They import foods, furniture, and other things from all over the world for us americans [as well as foreigners who have moved here] to easily get our hands on.
Did I mention empolyees get a discount?  I tend to mainly use this advantage to try out the countless odd and interesting foods and snacks that World Market has to offer. One of them being Zanae's Vine Leaves Stuffed with Rice.  I am a lover of all things "grain". Rice, bread, oats. I want them all! That's what led me to this well as a sale on them, heh. I wont lie, it has taken me quite some time to muster up the courage to actually taste these stuffed leaves. I found some English instructions, and dove in. 
Serving Suggestions It is served warm or at room temperature. Put the tin, before you open it, into boiling water for 10 minutes. Otherwise…

Redditgifts: Anime and Manga 2017

I have succumb to the powers that be reddit. 
This past holiday season, I'd signed up for redditgifts in hopes to be able to join the christmas exchange. I'd spent quite a bit on the people I already had on my "to gift" list, so I backed out. I perused reddit, of course, and came back to redditgifts in January. I didn't know they did multiple exchanges throughout the year, and signed up to take part in the Anime and Manga swap!
I have an addiction to putting gift like things together for people, so this is something perfect for me to do while I don't have any gift giving holidays to prepare for.
The day I've been anxiously awaiting has finally come. Partner assignment day! I've got my partner [Ivanrhahn], a small list of their likes, a little budget saved for this very occasion, and the drive to put together a nice little Happy-Making package!
I put my planner's "to-do/list" sheets to good use and set up a game plan to attack this with …

Steven Universe Wave 2 Funko Pops!

I suppose it is about that time for me to shovel dollars at the Funko company. The last time I did was during Christmas, but they've recently released information about another wave of Steven Universe pops!

I'm pretty excited to get my hands on Connie, and the flocked version of Lion. I honestly thought I'd be a little more excited to see the others, but their faces seem just a tiny bit off. Not saying I don't want the others, just wish their face paints/details were better. Poor Lazuli looks like they put all the effort into her wings, and decided on her face last minute. I digress, since I still love them all

Start your saving up now. They'll be releasing next month! Thanks for reading!
Can't wait? Here's a few places where you can get your pre-orders in now:
PopInABoxrelease date: 3·28
EntertainmentEarthdue: April

January ends, February begins [Wordy]

2017's first month has come and gone like Bugs Bunny at a Wabbit season convention. Ok corny joke, but I think I have some right to be a little lame with the month I've had.

I seemed to have acquired a frick ton of emotional baggage for the new year, and it all came crashing down on me for January. I'd gained too much responsibility within personal aspects of my life. The world around me wanted me to be more grown than I had the current preparedness for. To shed a little more light onto why I've been feeling the way I've been feeling, I think I can let you in on what exactly has been building up. 
Back in June or July, my parents informed me of them splitting up. They'd been together for a little over 30 years, and I'd pictured them as the perfect couple to live up to. There were a couple snags in the relationship, and my mother fell in love with someone else. It hit me hard initially because I knew that one of my parents was in a whole world of emotional h…