Last Purchases of 2016 [Haul]

The year has come and gone, and the after Christmas sales are running rampant. I mainly fell under the spell of Christmassy items, craft bits, and some goodies bought with the purpose of sending to a penpal in the UK. First package of the new year!

First was actually a purchase from Oyatsu Cafe, and also my first order with them in general.
Sakuma Ichigo Stick Pack, Kajyu Strawberry Gummy, Pokemon Popcorn Snack, Mintia Caffeinated Hard Mints, Kracie Poppin cookin Ice Cream Kit
The experience was pleasant, and everything was yummy. I didn't have any doubts anyways. The only thing I haven't used yet is the Candy Kit! Sadly, all the items I purchased are now sold out
Hobby Lobby
small round crafting ornaments, string light shape crafting ornament, gifting tape [x4], snowflake confetti, ornament sticker sheet, assorted bell charms [red, silver, gold], lollipop hair bands [not great quality for natural hair]
I tried my hardest to stay away from Hobby Lobby, but it's on my walk home...and I ended up inside anyways. Much to my surprise, they'd already had their items on sale for 80% off *wipes drool*. I picked only items that would have immediate purpose in my crafting life, so I wouldn't get too carried away.
aloe infused socks, walmart exclusive voyager maona pop figure, snickers bites, milky way bites, baby bottle pop, lindt peppermint truffles, reeses mini buttercup, push pop, red puff hair clips [already a favorite], red and white icing, lifesaver gummies.
How did I end up in Walmart again? Oh yeah! I was supposed to be ONLY buying carrots and kale for my piggies. Somehow, I ended up in the Christmas well as toys. No buyer's remorse though! I found some good deals [even better deals the next day when they lowered the discount to 75% off nonfood items].
World Market
pancake jelly belly, strawberry champagne mini chocolate [x2], chipotle chili dark mini choco [x2], pomegranate dark mini choco [x2], dangle earrings, mini hello panda, fini fizzy tornadoes, fini mini treats, matcha green tea choco bar, fini kollisions [I was disappointed in this T_T], bauducco vanilla wafer [delicious], festive stir sticks
This was the only place I was supposed to be going into, other than picking up munchies for my G-piggies. I was on a mission to pick up a couple snacks, and some items for my Penpal's "Teeth Rot Box". Yes, we've named the box the Teeth Rot Box XD. Luckily I was off, and could shop freely.

Current TRB contents
Should I maybe add a tube of toothpaste, and some floss? heh 
There are still a few items I'd like to add, but this is what I've got for now. Now that show and tell is over, I hope to work on my spending for the next year! Haha, right after talking about spending right? At least these were all bargains! Anyways, yes I'd like to save better for this coming year. I'm going to also work on being more diligent about using the extra cash I make from "survey sites" on my wants, and leave my checks for the needs. Very doable. 

Ready and excited for the year.
Only great things can come!
Thanks for reading


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