[Challenge] 31 Days of Tea | Day One

According to Holiday Insights, January is the month of hot tea. I took it upon myself to make it challenge, for myself, to try and drink at least a cup of tea a day. I'd really fallen off after I stopped working for Teavana. Which makes sense since it was so easy to make a cup or three every shift. I think the challenge will help me muck less in the mornings before work, start my mornings a little less rocky, and improve my health.

For my first cup-o-tea, I started with an organic green tea mint combo. Caffeine to ease me into my first morning of 2017, mint to soothe my soul, and green tea to detox the passed year.

Cup one was quickly enjoyed, and am already ready for another. I will do my best to keep up with my first challenge of the year, and hope that you try it with me!

Tea Thoughts
Heath & Heather Organic Green Tea & Moroccan Mint
"Heath & Heather Organic Green Tea & Moroccan Mint teabags have been expertly blended to create a naturally cool and refreshing beverage, which is ideal as an after dinner refreshment."
This tea is organic and is packaged in an envelope style bag. I was unable to find out whether or not their bags are unbleached, which is what I prefer when drinking bagged teas. They suggest to have this tea after a meal, like dinner. Being the rebel I am, I enjoyed my cup for breakfast with a pairing of Chocolate Peppermint Pizzelle. It was smooth, delicious, and gave me the boost I needed to stay awake. I'm a big fan of mint, so I may just be biased. The usual grassy taste that green tea usually gives me was well masked by the moroccan mint! 
I recommend for all my fellow mint lovers out there.

Thanks for reading
Keep rooting for me to beat this challenge!
Have a cup
*raises mug*
Where to purchase today's tea: Heath&HeatherWorld Market


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