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Art Trade with Kedrii

- Christmas Card portion of Art Trade -

[Challenge] 31 Days of Tea | First Week Stats

My first week of tea filled beverages is complete! Checkpoint acquired! 
My year had already been going in a better direction with my will to be positive restored. Yes, mainly because the thought of "new" year, but at least I'm able to feel more positive and less cruddy. I do believe that increasing my tea intake has definitely helped. I've been less lazy [though still a good amount of lazy], I can see my tummy pudge decreasing [along with exercising!], I can start my morning with a lovely taste in my mouf [heh]. It's just been wonderful things. Here's the rundown of what I consumed for days 1-7. 
Day One Can be read about HERE But this was just my morning... I got a little excited for my challenge, and went on to have a cup of tea for each part of my first day. My morning started with Green Tea - Moroccan Mint, Twinings Winterspice Herbal tea for the afternoon, and again to end my night. I enjoyed every cup!

Day Two
The excitement of a new challenge has die…

Last Purchases of 2016 [Haul]

The year has come and gone, and the after Christmas sales are running rampant. I mainly fell under the spell of Christmassy items, craft bits, and some goodies bought with the purpose of sending to a penpal in the UK. First package of the new year!

First was actually a purchase from Oyatsu Cafe, and also my first order with them in general. The experience was pleasant, and everything was yummy. I didn't have any doubts anyways. The only thing I haven't used yet is the Candy Kit! Sadly, all the items I purchased are now sold out
Hobby Lobby I tried my hardest to stay away from Hobby Lobby, but it's on my walk home...and I ended up inside anyways. Much to my surprise, they'd already had their items on sale for 80% off *wipes drool*. I picked only items that would have immediate purpose in my crafting life, so I wouldn't get too carried away.
WalMart How did I end up in Walmart again? Oh yeah! I was supposed to be ONLY buying carrots and kale for my piggies. Somehow, …

[Challenge] 31 Days of Tea | Day One

According to Holiday Insights, January is the month of hot tea. I took it upon myself to make it challenge, for myself, to try and drink at least a cup of tea a day. I'd really fallen off after I stopped working for Teavana. Which makes sense since it was so easy to make a cup or three every shift. I think the challenge will help me muck less in the mornings before work, start my mornings a little less rocky, and improve my health.

For my first cup-o-tea, I started with an organic green tea mint combo. Caffeine to ease me into my first morning of 2017, mint to soothe my soul, and green tea to detox the passed year.

Cup one was quickly enjoyed, and am already ready for another. I will do my best to keep up with my first challenge of the year, and hope that you try it with me!

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