Monday, January 9, 2017

[Challenge] 31 Days of Tea | First Week Stats

My first week of tea filled beverages is complete! Checkpoint acquired! 

My year had already been going in a better direction with my will to be positive restored. Yes, mainly because the thought of "new" year, but at least I'm able to feel more positive and less cruddy. I do believe that increasing my tea intake has definitely helped. I've been less lazy [though still a good amount of lazy], I can see my tummy pudge decreasing [along with exercising!], I can start my morning with a lovely taste in my mouf [heh]. It's just been wonderful things. Here's the rundown of what I consumed for days 1-7. 

Day One
Can be read about HERE
But this was just my morning...
I got a little excited for my challenge, and went on to have a cup of tea for each part of my first day. My morning started with Green Tea - Moroccan Mint, Twinings Winterspice Herbal tea for the afternoon, and again to end my night. I enjoyed every cup!

Day Two
The excitement of a new challenge has died down, and the reality of having to get ready for work set in. I only had one cup of tea to start my morning. English Tea Shop's White Blueberry & Elderflower tea kept me in high spirits for the coming work day.
"Crafted in Sri Lanka using age-old techniques, this delicious white tea is full of refreshing fruit flavor. Tastes of juicy blueberry mingle with hints of sweet elderflower and invigorating lemongrass for an uplifting infusion."
Where to buy: World Market

Day Three
Let's keep this tea ball rolling with day #3. Time to experiment and start seeing which teas taste well together. For this morning's cup, I decided to mix my green tea from day one with a detox tea from Triple Leaf Teas. A yummy combination, will blend again. 
"Updating ancient herbal formulas for modern day, Triple Leaf Tea creates delicious healing teas for today's needs. Triple Leaf Detox Tea is a cleansing blend of more than twenty potent Chinese herbs with a hint of lemon for a healthy, delicious brew."
Where to buy: World Market

Day Four
My first fail of the challenge...and so early too. *sigh*. Just brush it off, rinse out a new mug, and let the new leaves steep. Move on to the next day, and next cup of tea!

Day Five
Even though the holidays have come and gone, they're still lively as ever in my tea cabinet. I brought out Twinings Winter Spice tea, and got a little experimental with it. I decided to figure out how yummy tea would taste blended along with hot cocoa, and added a s'mores flavored one I picked up during holidays sales last year. My assumptions were more than correct, and this combination proved to be a winner!
"Create a relaxing moment with Twinings Winter Spice Herbal Tea. Expertly blended with camomile blossoms and the flavours of crisp apples, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, this herbal tea is sure to warm you with its smooth taste and slightly sweet aroma."
Where to buy: Twinings

Day Six
The holiday discounts had finally gone a bit deeper at World Market, and I could finally get my hands on the ever aloof Peppermint Bark tea from Republic of Tea. Now, in my opinion, ROT is a bit pricey compared to other bagged teas. I digress, because their peppermint bark happened to be my favorite tea of the season! What better way to enjoy it than in my favorite mug, Hank!
"This caffeine-free blend has a wonderful balance of refreshing peppermint, warming cocoa and hints of vanilla. A perfect dessert tea for the holiday season!"
Where to buy: Republic of Tea

Day Seven
Time to refresh and wash off the past week. Time for another detox tea. A loose leaf berry detox from Buddha Leaf tea. The berries are much more flavorful in loose leaf teas than those you find in the little baggie. I enjoyed this cup very much, though there are very small pieces that seemed to slip through my strainer's holes. 
"Antioxidant rich green tea is boosted with powerful super fruits. Blueberries, black currants and strawberries give this cleansing and delicious tonic its delightful punch. The wonderful sweetness of the berries makes it easy to be good. Also great iced."
Where to buy: World Market

First week has been completed, and I'm all tea'd out...SIKE! 
Keep up the good work, Starfish!
How's everyone's "resolutions" going for your first week in?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Last Purchases of 2016 [Haul]

The year has come and gone, and the after Christmas sales are running rampant. I mainly fell under the spell of Christmassy items, craft bits, and some goodies bought with the purpose of sending to a penpal in the UK. First package of the new year!

First was actually a purchase from Oyatsu Cafe, and also my first order with them in general.
Sakuma Ichigo Stick Pack, Kajyu Strawberry Gummy, Pokemon Popcorn Snack, Mintia Caffeinated Hard Mints, Kracie Poppin cookin Ice Cream Kit
The experience was pleasant, and everything was yummy. I didn't have any doubts anyways. The only thing I haven't used yet is the Candy Kit! Sadly, all the items I purchased are now sold out
Hobby Lobby
small round crafting ornaments, string light shape crafting ornament, gifting tape [x4], snowflake confetti, ornament sticker sheet, assorted bell charms [red, silver, gold], lollipop hair bands [not great quality for natural hair]
I tried my hardest to stay away from Hobby Lobby, but it's on my walk home...and I ended up inside anyways. Much to my surprise, they'd already had their items on sale for 80% off *wipes drool*. I picked only items that would have immediate purpose in my crafting life, so I wouldn't get too carried away.
aloe infused socks, walmart exclusive voyager maona pop figure, snickers bites, milky way bites, baby bottle pop, lindt peppermint truffles, reeses mini buttercup, push pop, red puff hair clips [already a favorite], red and white icing, lifesaver gummies.
How did I end up in Walmart again? Oh yeah! I was supposed to be ONLY buying carrots and kale for my piggies. Somehow, I ended up in the Christmas well as toys. No buyer's remorse though! I found some good deals [even better deals the next day when they lowered the discount to 75% off nonfood items].
World Market
pancake jelly belly, strawberry champagne mini chocolate [x2], chipotle chili dark mini choco [x2], pomegranate dark mini choco [x2], dangle earrings, mini hello panda, fini fizzy tornadoes, fini mini treats, matcha green tea choco bar, fini kollisions [I was disappointed in this T_T], bauducco vanilla wafer [delicious], festive stir sticks
This was the only place I was supposed to be going into, other than picking up munchies for my G-piggies. I was on a mission to pick up a couple snacks, and some items for my Penpal's "Teeth Rot Box". Yes, we've named the box the Teeth Rot Box XD. Luckily I was off, and could shop freely.

Current TRB contents
Should I maybe add a tube of toothpaste, and some floss? heh 
There are still a few items I'd like to add, but this is what I've got for now. Now that show and tell is over, I hope to work on my spending for the next year! Haha, right after talking about spending right? At least these were all bargains! Anyways, yes I'd like to save better for this coming year. I'm going to also work on being more diligent about using the extra cash I make from "survey sites" on my wants, and leave my checks for the needs. Very doable. 

Ready and excited for the year.
Only great things can come!
Thanks for reading

Sunday, January 1, 2017

[Challenge] 31 Days of Tea | Day One

According to Holiday Insights, January is the month of hot tea. I took it upon myself to make it challenge, for myself, to try and drink at least a cup of tea a day. I'd really fallen off after I stopped working for Teavana. Which makes sense since it was so easy to make a cup or three every shift. I think the challenge will help me muck less in the mornings before work, start my mornings a little less rocky, and improve my health.

For my first cup-o-tea, I started with an organic green tea mint combo. Caffeine to ease me into my first morning of 2017, mint to soothe my soul, and green tea to detox the passed year.

Cup one was quickly enjoyed, and am already ready for another. I will do my best to keep up with my first challenge of the year, and hope that you try it with me!

Tea Thoughts
Heath & Heather Organic Green Tea & Moroccan Mint
"Heath & Heather Organic Green Tea & Moroccan Mint teabags have been expertly blended to create a naturally cool and refreshing beverage, which is ideal as an after dinner refreshment."
This tea is organic and is packaged in an envelope style bag. I was unable to find out whether or not their bags are unbleached, which is what I prefer when drinking bagged teas. They suggest to have this tea after a meal, like dinner. Being the rebel I am, I enjoyed my cup for breakfast with a pairing of Chocolate Peppermint Pizzelle. It was smooth, delicious, and gave me the boost I needed to stay awake. I'm a big fan of mint, so I may just be biased. The usual grassy taste that green tea usually gives me was well masked by the moroccan mint! 
I recommend for all my fellow mint lovers out there.

Thanks for reading
Keep rooting for me to beat this challenge!
Have a cup
*raises mug*
Where to purchase today's tea: Heath&HeatherWorld Market