My Lasik Experience

Now that my eyes feel well enough healed, I feel it's time to share my lasik experience. 

I went in for my consultation on the 26th of November. It was just like a normal eye check up, when they do the "which one is better, 1.....or 2?" test. They did numb my eyes to do another test where they added this yellow liquid from a small bottle, just to make sure I didn't have any handicaps [disease/disorders] that would prevent me from having the surgery. I was good to go! 

I came back on the 29th to get my eyes dilated, to ensure that the insides of my eyes were fine. Good to go again. Also, they suggested to wear those sunglass things. I wore them for a moment, but my eyes were actually fine without them.

Surgery Day
December 2nd rolled around, and it was time to go in for surgery. I arrived with my mom on time, and got prepped for surgery. They took me into the exam [?] room just to double check my eyes were still ready for the lasers. Once they checked, they numbed my eyeballs, gave me a valium, and had me wait on some comfy recliners for just a moment until I went into the surgery room.

The room was very white and very clean. There was a table, a large machine with two "arms", two doctors...and I don't really remember anything else. I feel like there were computers *shrugs*. They laid me down on the bed/table, and handed me a stuffed pooh bear. They then covered me in a blanket. The rooms tend to be cold, but I'd already come in with my jacket. The added blanket didn't do any harm, though. They covered my left eye to begin on the right. They then taped the lids of my right eye back, and had me under the the incision maker.

This part of the procedure did freak me out mentally. I believe it's because I'm not used to seeing things like this coming towards my eye. I mean, yes, I put in contacts. My eyes aren't usually looking directly at the contact though. There was no pain, but definitely pressure when the suction cup looking thing came down onto my eyeball. Once the cut was made, they moved me over to the other arm. This is where the lasers live. There were red dots and one green dot. They told me to look at the green dot, and the fixing had begun. I was reassured countless times that everything was going perfect and was looking good. 

Now onto the left eye. They covered the right, and did the same "getting ready" to my left. Tape, incision, lasers. Now since I'd already had this done to my right eye, the left felt a little more cautious. The pressure was a bit more, and I couldn't keep it as still. I think it was just ready to go. But we got through the lasers, and now it was time to look at the clock at the wall...

I could see it! With no help from lenses, just my own two eyeballs. It was amazing, when usually I can only see as far as my hand...and that even gets a little blurry. Right after the clock, it was time to shut them again. I was led out to my mom who helped me out of the office, back home, and right into bed. I went right to sleep for what seemed like 6 hours. I woke up to my mom setting my eyedrops together, and marking their dosages on the box for me [oh I love her so]. We did a couple of drops, and then she was on her way. 

Check Up #1
The next day, I went in to get a check up to ensure everything's healing up fine enough. I had a couple bruises on my right eye, and my left why was almost completely encircled in a bloody bruise. I swear I looked like a demon child, or like I'd gotten beat up [with no actual black eye lol]. They didnt even mention the bruising, and said that everything was looking fine. Reminded me to get my drops in, and sent me on my way.

Check Up #2
A week later, I went back in for another check up. Everything still looking fine. The bruising is starting to heal, and my eyes looking less spooky. I had to do the steroid drop a couple more days, due to not using it properly the whole time...was supposed to shake it up. It was the one with the steroid in it. That's why the demon eye healing took longer than expected, but still worked. Just not to the best of it's ability. 

I'm currently waiting for my 3rd check-up at the end of this month. My experience has been wonderful, even through the spookiness. I did dislike having to keep up with 4 different eye drops, but that did only last for 7 days. I do still use the rewetting drops every once in a while, just when my eyes feel dryer than usual. For this month, I'm still being cautious with my eyes and have yet to put on any eyeliner. I can;t wait to do that again lol. If you are debating about getting the surgery yourself...I say...GO FOR IT. I feel that a weight I never knew was there has been completely lifted. I don't have to worry about keeping my contacts in for too long, or finding where my glasses have hidden themselves. I just wake up, open my eyes, and go on with my day. 

Thank you for reading
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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