Candysan nom-noms

The way to my heart is through my tummy, and I needed some self love. Candysan was there to assist with open arms. Guiding me through their candy coated pathways of sweet justice, alluring me with their crisp chips of many flavors...enough of that.

I got my hands on some mighty tasty pieces. A couple of them were repurchases, but we still have plenty new faces. Candysan was even kind enough to include two freebie candies in this package, as well.
Yaokin Pack Medium
Baumkuchen Chocolate
Tyrant Habanero Pizza
8x Umaibo Premium Mozzarella & Camembert
Halloween Bag-o-Bones Cheetos
Fettuccine Ginger Ale
Halloween Drink Kit
5x Oppai Gummy

You know I've already sunk my teeth into some of these goodies. I have, so far, absorbed the Tyrant habanero pizza crisps into my being, and chomped down on two of the Umaibo sticks.

I'd repurchased the Umaibo sticks in abundance with this order, as well as the Baumkuchen! The fella and I ended up really enjoying those bits from the last order. I also picked a larger Yaokin pack to try out this time.
A pack of goodies within a pack of goodies! 
Goodieception *snort*

The snacks included is the main difference between the small and medium Yaokin packs. You receive the same amount of goodies, but it feels like they may be a bit larger portions in this pack. Only one treat was repeated in this pack from the small. I can't wait to gobble these up.

Thanks for reading!
Am I the only fatass who can't help but buy snacks? 
cant be...
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