The Mundane Psyche of a Cheerless Octomaid

I have come to a conclusion [theory] about one of my day-to-day stresses. 

I like to break down what it is I could be stressing over, and try to find a starting point. It makes it easier for me to cope with the negative feelings I may be feeling at the time. The fact that I have been on this earth for 24 years, and have taken in a lot of knowledge, has seemed hindered my mood. Not because I'm learning things, but because all knowledge isn't that of a positive nature. I get down a good bit. I start feeling like my days are just a repeat, and there's nothing new to experience. My mind is focused on the repeat bad things, and not much fixated on the positivity the world has to offer me. It leads me to that stationery couch potato state.
It's all a facade and I should know that! There are plenty of places I've yet to visit, meals I've yet to taste, things I've yet to do. I'm trying to work on that not being my mindset. There was a point in my teens where I was able to wipe the stresses down and off of me, and let the experiences in. It was easier with less financial responsibility, as well as having more "down time" in my life to give to things. As long as I stay adamant with my intention being to enjoy life [more], I should be able to get back to a more balanced state. Can't let the stress prevail.

Thank you for reading!

What are some ways that help you relieve you of your stresses?


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