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Order Start: 10.24.16
Complete: 11.14.16

I'd made my first purchase with Blippo last month. Apparently, I signed up to receive their emails, and happened across a "SALE" email in my inbox. Since I have slacked all the way up on using my Kawaii items, I hadn't really been purchasing anything to add to my current collection. I have a plan/resolution for this coming year, so I decided to see what the sale had to offer. I did end up finding a couple different items I thought I'd enjoy.

๐ŸŒŸ Items Ordered๐ŸŒŸ

My total came to a womping $5.16. Even though I felt that I ordered so little, Blippo was still kind enough to include a freebie with my package!

Funny thing is, I was checking these guys out while I was ordering. I decided not to get them, but ended up receiving them anyways. Anpanman, your destiny was to be devoured by an octomaid named Starfish!
Haha, ok teeny bit spooky. Back to the order...
I've yet to try any of the edible items, and yet to lace up some shoes with them polka'd beauties. I have tried out my adorably pom pom'd pen, though. Contrary to popular belief, it's black ink. Not that I assumed it was a light blue. I'm sure I read that it was black ink before deciding on it. It's fine tipped, and writes wonderfully.

Unboxing Video

So very pleased with my full purchase! You may be thinking, "but shipping took so long to get to you, how are you possibly pleased". Usually, you'd be completely fine thinking that way. In this situation, you are incorrect! I actually chose the 1-3 weeks Free shipping option when I finalized my order. I often don't mind waiting longer for things, when there's a "free shipping" option. Retailers get extra points from me for even having it available. It looks like it took exactly 3 weeks to get to me with free shipping. 

I appreciate how nicely my box turned up, as well as how the journey treated my goodies within. Nothing came damaged or out of place. Overall I had a wonderful experience, and am already contemplating what bits and bobs I'll be adding to my next order.


That's right, a perfect 5 star rating! I'm not promising all orders will be as smooth as mine, nor that you will find items that you yourself can say you'd enjoy. I can promise that my personal experience with blippo has been a good one...if you couldn't already tell from reading, heh.

Thank you for reading!
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