Black Friday - Cyber Monday Purchases

And thus, the super sales shopping has completed! 
This year, life things were more important than all the deals. I did still get myself a few indulgences, as well as added to gifts already purchased for peoples on my "to get" list for Christmas. Here are the stores I perused, and the gets I got. 

Friday morning, I had to wake up and work pretty dang early. I decided I didn't want to do much shopping after leaving work half exhausted. I missed a great deal at Michael's, but we wont dwell on that. I shopped at my own store, World Market, and stopped at Walmart on the way home. The only items I picked up from Walmart were carrots for my piggies [not on sale of course], and a tubber ware set. I always end up purchasing new tubber ware on black Friday.
We had amazing deals going on, with buy on get one free on just about everything in store. 
Items along with their deals
- 4x Advent Calendars
bought two at 1.49ea, received two free
- Pashmina Scarf and Yoga Mat Bag
bought pashima scarf, received ymb free
- 3x baskets
3.99ea + 50% off
- Paw Print Ice Mold
4.99 + 40% off
- 6x Revolution Tea samplers, Twinnings Winter Spice Tea, Ambessa Safari Breakfast tea, and Large Infuser Scoop
all tea + tea accessories 50% off
- Honey sticks
no sale
-Various soaps
all personal care BOGO free
- Mini Wines
no sale
- discounted snacks [pretzels and chile con queso dip]
- Gift Card
I ended up spending about $70 in total, but the gift card was already a good chunk of that total. Luckily rewards members also received triple points during the weekend, so I acrued a good bit doing shopping for myself as well as my mom [her items unpicture/unmentioned]. Upon arriving home, I decided to start the gift wrapping process. More on that later, but I also visited one online retailer for an amazing deal.
Pop in a box was having a great sale. One I would have given into more if I had more pops I was passionate about owning. I ended up buying 4 Funko pops for $25 with free shipping included! I was the most excited of octomaidens when I checked out. I ended up getting two pops I was drooling over, as well as two pops for people on my "to-get" list. 
I can be less vague about the ones I ordered for myself, haha. I pre-ordered Eleven and Joyce funko pops from the Stranger Things collection.
I'm really hoping that I don't get the chase eleven figure...not all that interested in blonde wig version in figure form. 
Yet, another grueling morning of holiday shoppers. Our deals had changed for the better in some areas and for the worst in many others. A few of those bogo deals were still going on, while some holiday themed snacks were put on sale. I picked up 2 packages of Lebkuchen, another mini bottle of wine for my fella's Gammy [Cavit Riesling], and two mini candles. The Lebkuchen were 20% off, and one was devoured as soon as I made it home. The candles were buy one get one free, so I'd chosen a Eucalyptus mint scented one, and a clementine and honey scent. If they weren't the last of their scent, I would have purchased a couple more. No photos for saturday, so full frontal imagination needed. 
Welcome back to "Gruel Days". Yep, back to early morning work. So many deals taken away, none of the sales emails catching my eye. No money spent, and time to get some much needed shut eye. 
Monday, cyber monday. When all the online retailers are like, "hey, look at me!" I did have to face the most grueling of days this morning, but came home to some pretty decent deals. I still had to watch my spending, but ended up with some goodies nonetheless.
I began my voyage on Old Navy's website since they were offering 50% off everything as well as free shipping on orders over $50. 
 I didn't plan on spending $50, nor did I think I added that amount into my cart, but I still somehow ended up with free shipping. I think that it counts your cart's total before discounts are applied. Anyways, I picked up two long sleeve shirts, and a pair of jeans for my fella. I had a giftcard [$25] as well, so ended up paying $10 for the 3 items. I almost forgot! They were also offering a free pair of fuzzy socks with every order.
Cute puppies deserve to cuddle my tootsies!

I then made my way to Oyatsucafe to see what treats and possible sales they had to offer me and my tummy.
Again, not trying to spend too much. I added $10 worth of noms to my cart, and took advantage of the 10% off discount code. I found 5 items that looked apealing, and was happy to find they offered a snack that I enjoyed and had been discontinued on another site. I've never ordered with OC before, and hope this to be a lovely experience. You know I can't wait to get my snacks o.o. My tummy and tastebuds are already trying to decide which items they want to try first. 
Lastly, I found myself on Candysan. It made sense since I'd just made a purchase on Oyatsu cafe, and now had snacks on the brain. 

Sadly, candysan hadn't been doing any sales the whole weekend. They were, however, offering a "Discovery Pack" seemingly full of wonderful mystery.
It's set up to be surprise style, and they include 3 candies and a gashapon. I decided to order 4 since I had a couple discounts to use. It seems that with the mystery packs, they allow you to have free shipping on economy SAL. I can wait that 3 weeks...totally.

Thus concludes my Black Friday/Cyber Monday rundown. Like I stated earlier, I already started and finsihed most of my wrapping. I'm just semi-patiently waiting for the rest of my orders come in the mail, so I can be 100% wrapped up shawty. 

Thanks for reading
I love gift giving holidays!
Have you been caught up int he shopping?


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