11.18.16 Occult Day

☽★☿Happy Occult Day☿★☾
Mysterious, secret, un-natural, obscure. These are all words that could be used to illustrate the world of the Occult. Alchemy, witch craft and astrology should come to mind. Occult day is a day surrounded in mystery and things outside of the natural world. Take a little time today to cultivate your spiritual self.
“When you start to notice the mystical, the mystical will start to notice you.”
― Dacha Avelin
Recommendations to fill your mystical day

Needing ideas of the perfect offering for that special someone?

Satisfy that enigma of a sweet tooth with one of the many delicious sounding confectionaries that A Secret Forest has to offer. Wether they prefer the blatant stance, or like to go for more of an herbal route, I am sure you can find the perfect sweet treat for your mystical partner here!
- Masquerade Moon
Bela's Blackberry Bat
Midnight Blooms Violet
Natural Chocolate and Orange
Cherry Blossom with Gold Leaf Flake

Or mosey on over to redbubble for some magically artsy notebooks for spell writing, or devising your next spooky stories. 
Horrific by Versiris
Witch Series: Cauldron by LordofMasks
Palmistry by Cat Coquillette

Support an artist and commission some art work, or purchase a handmade product for your art lover.

1. "Oni" Pin, 2. MASAYUME Japan sketchbook, 3. Hunted Print, 4. Wolf Child print

1. hippety hoppety, 2. wip, 3. bluh, 4. double bubble duchess
1. Palmistry necklace, 2. Space Necklace, 3. Space earrings, 4. Ouija Necklace 5. Cat pin brooch
Now that you've gotten your gift, pick a mystical outfit from your closet. 

With favorite cult classics in hand, 
make your way to meet up with your sweetie or friends to celebrate this Occult day!

Thanks for reading!
I am not in a cult, nor do I dabble in that of the "occult".
I do enjoy creepy, horror, spooky, macabre things.
How did you celebrate for this years Occult day? 


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