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Black Friday - Cyber Monday Purchases

And thus, the super sales shopping has completed!  This year, life things were more important than all the deals. I did still get myself a few indulgences, as well as added to gifts already purchased for peoples on my "to get" list for Christmas. Here are the stores I perused, and the gets I got. 
Friday Friday morning, I had to wake up and work pretty dang early. I decided I didn't want to do much shopping after leaving work half exhausted. I missed a great deal at Michael's, but we wont dwell on that. I shopped at my own store, World Market, and stopped at Walmart on the way home. The only items I picked up from Walmart were carrots for my piggies [not on sale of course], and a tubber ware set. I always end up purchasing new tubber ware on black Friday. We had amazing deals going on, with buy on get one free on just about everything in store.  I ended up spending about $70 in total, but the gift card was already a good chunk of that total. Luckily rewards members a…

🌟 Blippo Kawaii |Experience & Review|🌟

Order Start: 10.24.16 Complete: 11.14.16
I'd made my first purchase with Blippo last month. Apparently, I signed up to receive their emails, and happened across a "SALE" email in my inbox. Since I have slacked all the way up on using my Kawaii items, I hadn't really been purchasing anything to add to my current collection. I have a plan/resolution for this coming year, so I decided to see what the sale had to offer. I did end up finding a couple different items I thought I'd enjoy.

🌟 Items Ordered🌟 Meiji DIY Oekaki Sherbert Candy Kabaya Kakigori Shaved Ice Gummies Purple Polka Dots Silk Shoelaces Light Blue Pastel Pom Pom Ink Pen
My total came to a womping $5.16. Even though I felt that I ordered so little, Blippo was still kind enough to include a freebie with my package! Tohato Anpanman Corn Rings
Funny thing is, I was checking these guys out while I was ordering. I decided not to get them, but ended up receiving them anyways. Anpanman, your destiny was to be dev…

Not ONE book??

How could I have almost gone a WHOLE year without reading one single book? How did it come to this?! How did it get this bad?!?

I happened to check out, since I hadn't been on there in so long. It's a glorious website for booklovers of all kinds. You can keep lists of books you'd like to read, are currently reading, and have read. Every year, they have this "Reading Challenge" in which you pick a number of books you want to have read by the end of the year. For this year, apparently, I picked 50. Thought I was giving myself a break...apparently not because it seems as though I have only finished one book this whole year.

Not to say I hadn't started reading books...I just never finish them. *Sigh*. This is so depressing. Only means I have to work harder for next year *determined face*. I wont give up entirely this year either, though. I have plenty of books to get through, and have purchased a couple interesting ones from Goodwill the other day! …

Occult Day Outfit Rundown

Rose Ear Headband - Hottopic Choker - selfmade Sweater - Thrifted [Divided brand] Suspender Skirt - Aliexpress Stripped Leggings - eBay Shoes - DSW False lashes + Smokey eye + Star "confetti" + Liquid eyeliner [black] + Makeup Crayon [black for lip] + Clear Gloss
Bowler Hat: eBay Wings: Michaels Necklace: World Market Skull Jumpsuit: PLNDR [Iron Fist brand] Socks: Walmart Shoes: PLNDR [Y.R.U. brand]

11.18.16 Occult Day

☽★☿Happy Occult Day☿★☾ Mysterious, secret, un-natural, obscure. These are all words that could be used to illustrate the world of the Occult. Alchemy, witch craft and astrology should come to mind. Occult day is a day surrounded in mystery and things outside of the natural world. Take a little time today to cultivate your spiritual self.
“When you start to notice the mystical, the mystical will start to notice you.” ― Dacha Avelin Recommendations to fill your mystical day ⇣⇣⇣
Needing ideas of the perfect offering for that special someone?

Or mosey on over to redbubble for some magically artsy notebooks for spell writing, or devising your next spooky stories. 
Support an artist and commission some art work, or purchase a handmade product for your art lover.
Audra Auclair
GrimmBunny Misfit Makes

The Mundane Psyche of a Cheerless Octomaid

I have come to a conclusion [theory] about one of my day-to-day stresses. 
I like to break down what it is I could be stressing over, and try to find a starting point. It makes it easier for me to cope with the negative feelings I may be feeling at the time. The fact that I have been on this earth for 24 years, and have taken in a lot of knowledge, has seemed hindered my mood. Not because I'm learning things, but because all knowledge isn't that of a positive nature. I get down a good bit. I start feeling like my days are just a repeat, and there's nothing new to experience. My mind is focused on the repeat bad things, and not much fixated on the positivity the world has to offer me. It leads me to that stationery couch potato state.
It's all a facade and I should know that! There are plenty of places I've yet to visit, meals I've yet to taste, things I've yet to do. I'm trying to work on that not being my mindset. There was a point in my teens where I…