[Review] Candysan Snack Tasting - 2. Sweets

Hello again! Time for another tasting review. This time we're going to try some sweets from Candysan. I've devoured them before I could take photos, so we shall use the stock photos and move on! Ok! Let's start with the peachy heavenly bliss that is Fettuccine!
Peach Fettuccine
Now, there are 6 different flavors to choose from on Candysan. My grumbly tummy choose Peach, and what a perfect choice it was. They're made to look like teeny little Fettuccine noodles, but taste of Peach. So, a much better experience. They are lightly sugared so that the "sour" flavor isn't overbearing. Both the fella and I agree that this little snack is delicious. He also wants to try the Ginger ale flavor next ^_^. 
Order again: YES

Sakeru Gumi - Peach
Keeping up with the Peach theme, let's go on to Sakeru Gumi! This was quite a surprising treat with many pluses. The first plus, it being peach of course. The next being that there were 7 individually wrapped pieces of yum. Ok, so that little rectangle in the photo is what you get once you unwrap the first one. This one was lighter sweetened than the fettuccine, and it had an odd texture. That of chewing gum, but not the actual gum consistency. Though odd, it was still yummy.
Order again: YES

Long Sour Gumi - Strawberry
This was just as it says. Long Sour Gumi...well not so sour but definitely long and gummy. It was more of a sweet strawberry flavor. Another odd textured gumi, it was less chewy than expected. The strawberry flavor was nice and not too overbearing. Though it is long, it doesn't last very long. It's a skinny gummy, so it loses some time with the width of it. It does come in other flavors on candysan, including cola and grape. 
Order again: Maybe, but not 100%

Chewing Straw Candies - Green Apple
When deciding to order this little candy snack, I'd thought they were reminiscent of sour punch straws that we have here in America. Once I opened and tasted them, it was almost the same. More sweet than sour though. My face did not do the same as mister apple on the package. Not saying it's a bad thing, but if you're expecting super sour...not getting that here. I didn't mind, was still a super delicious green apple treat. I'm a little bias being a lover of green apples. I do wish the snack was bigger though, More to enjoy instead of a little tease.
Order again: Yes

Baumkuchen - Chocolate
So this little cake is the Japanese version of a German dessert. It only lasted long enough to make it into the video...Once the fella got home, we collectively devoured it. It was soft and delicious. Like a pound cake, but a little bit more moist. I'd, again, wished that this was a bigger cake to eat and share. Was another tease of a treat. 

I hope, once again, that my words were helpful in your sweets decision making when ordering from Candysan. Thank you for reading either way!


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