[Review] Candysan Snack Tasting - 1. Savories

In my last post, I showed you all the goodies that were ordered in my Candysan packages. This time, we're stuffing our faces! I've gone through and tried a handful of the goodies that were included. I'll start with the most flavorful, and end with the most subtle of flavors. At the end of each, I'll let you know out of these snacks which ones I would and would not order again.

Umaibo - Premium Wasabi Steak, Yakitori, Premium Mozzarella & Camembert
Starting with the Premium Umaibo. The most flavorful one was the Premium Wasabi Steak. Not actually a good thing when wasabi is involved. I don't know what I was expecting when I ordered this, but it definitely has a VERY strong wasabi flavor when you first bite into it. Like a drop kick to the taste buds. I'm not even sure if I initially got to some "steak" flavor. If I did, it was not as strong.
Order again: NO

Premium Mozzarella & Camembert swoops in to save your tastebud's day with a ever so delicious cheesy flavor. Both the fella and I sunk our teeth into one of these Umaibo sticks. He immediately praised Japan for "having the best snacks". I couldn't pick out one cheese flavor over the other. They were perfectly married in this airy stick. The airyness is also a plus, and reminds me of eating cheese balls. Actually eating one as I type 
Order again: YES

We'll revisit the Yakitori flavor after a couple other snacks.

Scones - BBQ and Nissan Yakisoba UFO
Next on being most flavorful would have to be these two flavors of Scones, BBQ and Yakisoba. Scones are reminiscent of American cheetos, but are a little bit more airy crunch and less "hard" crunch. This octomaiden is a fan of airy snacks if you hadn't already caught that. The BBQ had a little bit more flavor than the Yakisoba flavor. There was also a strong sweetened savory flavor [high on sweet, low on savory but you still know it's there] with both scones. It was as if the scones opened the blinds to your mouth, flooding it with light, and waking it up for the day. My fella tried the BBQ and fell in love instantly.
Order again: Yes  [but not often] 

Petit - Pizza Sembei, and Hiroshima Carp

These petit snacks are miniature chips on a sleeve, for easy carry and easy eating.
They do seem small in photos, but are definitely larger once in hand. Still very easy to quickly devour, but definitely a little more than expected. The pizza sembei was my tastebud's favorite out of the two only because I was expecting the Hiroshima Carp to be a little bit spicier. There was also more seasoning on the pizza sembei. Think as if you were to bite into a balloon filled with the flavor, and it all comes rushing out as the air flows. Super yummy!
I also ended up eating the sour cream and onion flavor of petit....FRIG FRAGGING DELICIOUS! It was the perfect rice cracker too. It seemed as though I wouldn't have a lot of snack to eat, but I felt like the chips were never ending. And then they did end, and I was sad.
Order again: YES [to pizza, and sour cream and onion]

Pizza Potato Chip - Meat and Cheese
Pizza snacks in America are yummy....but something about what Japan can do with tomato, cheese, and meat flavors that can't be beat. The chip were light and airy, much to my delight. I can't say that I could taste all of the pizza "ingredients", but the smorgeshborg of flavor that I did get was a winning combo. Another plus is that there were little to no broken chips within the bag. A whole chip is always a wonderful feeling.
Order again: YES

Scones - Sour Cream and Onion
Not as much flavor as the other two scones already mentioned, but this Sour Cream and Onion flavor would definitely come next in the list. The seasoning is more subtle, but each bite is still packed with a little flavor. Would taste really well on the side of any soup or sandwich. 
Order again: YES [more often than other flavors]

We can now revisit that Yakitori flavor Umaibo stick. Each Umaibo is coated with it's flavor. This one was definitely coated, but not as distinguished a flavor as the others. That's the only reason it's fallen so low on the flavor scale. I also didn't really enjoy the overall flavor of this Umaibo.
Order again: NO

Big Katsu
This little strip, breaded and fried, was a deliciously dried treat. Apparently, it's supposed to make you think of a dried pork cutlet. I thought it more of a fried chicken. Maybe that's the American in me, but it was a perfect treat all the same. This little snack is perfect to carry around in your purse, or to add to your lunch for a boost of protein. If you aren't a fan of dried snacks then this is NOT the snack for you.
Order again: YES

Potato Stick - Chicken Ramen, Kara Mucho Hot Chili
These two potato sticks are on the same flavor spectrum when talking about the amount of flavor. If there was a little bit more spice on the Hot Chili flavor, then they would win in most flavorful. They're both a very delightful taste, and would be yummy added to soup for a little crunch. 
Order again: YES [chicken ramen more often]

Scones - Cheese
Now, being used to Cheetos, I was expecting these to be a bit more on the cheesy side. I was a little disappointed to find out that they were very subtle. Though they weren't as flavorful as I hoped, they were still yummy. They have a bit of a sweet side, but still cheesalicious. 
Order again: Yes [but not as often]

Potato Stick - Tyrant Habanero Spicy, 7 cheese Karu Stick, Jagabee Garlic Shrimp
I've clumped all of the potato sticks type snacks together here, with the better seasoned and flavored on top. Now, even though Mr. Tyrant is at the top, he has not shown me what he usually does. I love the Tyrant Habanero rings as well, and was expecting that same kind of intensity. Nope, just tastes like an over cooked french fry. I didn't get the feeling of "habanero" either. The 7 cheese came in second only because I'm not the cheese head in the house. It did have a good flavor, but it did not overcome the fat overcooked french fry taste. The one I was saddest to eat was the Garlic Shrimp. It had almost no flavor at all. AT ALL!!! I expected it to be the most flavorful. *sheds tear*
Order again: NO

Alright, so with everything said and done I think it's time for me to do my daily yoga and hula hoop to work these bad boys off. But in all honesty, about 80% of my savory snacks were utterly delicious. If you feel that you may have different tastes then me, just ensure to read the descriptions of each product as well as the reviews before you decide which snacks to order! I hope I was able to help even a little bit, and stay tuned for sweets next week!


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