Candysan Mega Order & Unboxing!

Just as the title says, you're favorite octomaiden has placed quite a large order with one of her favorite online oriental snack retailers, Candysan. It has been beyond a long time since I'd last indulged in the purchasing of asian goodies. Of course, I pick up a couple here and there from what's offered at work. It's just not the same. Thus, the MEGA ORDER! I've picked things from savory to sweet and almost everything in between. I decided not to get any beverages this go around, due to the weight it would have added to the shipping. Anyways, let us dive right in!!

So far, I've eaten one of the Umaibo rice sticks [Shrimp flavor], and almost all of the spicy snacks! My fella has tried a pork Umaibo to his enjoyment, and one of the Premium Cheese flavored ones. He absolutely loved the Cheese one! Oh, and he's devoured my little chocolate cake TT_TT. He's no bad guy though, I did say he could. Haha.

The Candysan website is very easy to navigate, so even though I have not written the names, everything is easy to find. Their products are put into different categories, and subcategories to make it even easier. Now, some things have been sold out since my order, but there's plenty to substitute!

Thank you so much for reading!
Stay tuned for tastings of these snacks....that I haven't alreayd eaten >_<


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