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[Video Review] Candysan Snack Tasting - 3. Seven Flavor Umaibo Sticks


[Review] Candysan Snack Tasting - 2. Sweets

Hello again! Time for another tasting review. This time we're going to try some sweets from Candysan. I've devoured them before I could take photos, so we shall use the stock photos and move on! Ok! Let's start with the peachy heavenly bliss that is Fettuccine!
Now, there are 6 different flavors to choose from on Candysan. My grumbly tummy choose Peach, and what a perfect choice it was. They're made to look like teeny little Fettuccine noodles, but taste of Peach. So, a much better experience. They are lightly sugared so that the "sour" flavor isn't overbearing. Both the fella and I agree that this little snack is delicious. He also wants to try the Ginger ale flavor next ^_^.  Order again: YES
Keeping up with the Peach theme, let's go on to Sakeru Gumi! This was quite a surprising treat with many pluses. The first plus, it being peach of course. The next being that there were 7 individually wrapped pieces of yum. Ok, so that little rectangle in the p…

[Review] Candysan Snack Tasting - 1. Savories

In my last post, I showed you all the goodies that were ordered in my Candysan packages. This time, we're stuffing our faces! I've gone through and tried a handful of the goodies that were included. I'll start with the most flavorful, and end with the most subtle of flavors. At the end of each, I'll let you know out of these snacks which ones I would and would not order again.

Starting with the Premium Umaibo. The most flavorful one was the Premium Wasabi Steak. Not actually a good thing when wasabi is involved. I don't know what I was expecting when I ordered this, but it definitely has a VERY strong wasabi flavor when you first bite into it. Like a drop kick to the taste buds. I'm not even sure if I initially got to some "steak" flavor. If I did, it was not as strong. Order again: NO
Premium Mozzarella & Camembert swoops in to save your tastebud's day with a ever so delicious cheesy flavor. Both the fella and I sunk our teeth into one of the…

Candysan Mega Order & Unboxing!

Just as the title says, you're favorite octomaiden has placed quite a large order with one of her favorite online oriental snack retailers, Candysan. It has been beyond a long time since I'd last indulged in the purchasing of asian goodies. Of course, I pick up a couple here and there from what's offered at work. It's just not the same. Thus, the MEGA ORDER! I've picked things from savory to sweet and almost everything in between. I decided not to get any beverages this go around, due to the weight it would have added to the shipping. Anyways, let us dive right in!!

So far, I've eaten one of the Umaibo rice sticks [Shrimp flavor], and almost all of the spicy snacks! My fella has tried a pork Umaibo to his enjoyment, and one of the Premium Cheese flavored ones. He absolutely loved the Cheese one! Oh, and he's devoured my little chocolate cake TT_TT. He's no bad guy though, I did say he could. Haha.

The Candysan website is very easy to navigate, so even t…

[Review] Relaxing Sleep Tea by Cuppa Magic

New review for me and you, consisting of a lovely relaxing tea, provided by Cuppa Magic. Mmm tea! Hank is so excited to help [ha].

Let it soothe your mind & body, increase healthy sleep & replenish your stores of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. So brew the tea, grab a book & relax in bed
RELAXING SLEEP TEA BY CUPPA MAGIC Our magical properties are: Anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti- fungal, anti-carcinogenic, anti-irritant, antibiotic & anesthetic The following are high in vitamins & minerals & known to help: Chamomile: stress & sleep disorders - gastrointestinal disorders including ulcers - menstrual pain - reducing rashes, pimples & scars Ginger Root: stomach upsets, indigestion & nausea - fight infections - lower cholesterol - improve brain function Saffron: promote learning & memory - cell formation & rep…

Charlotte Russe Try on Haul

I took some time to clean out some of my clothes to replace with cuter, more mature bits and pieces. I stumbled upon a Charlotte Russe sale whilst bargain hunting. If you didn't know, you're also able to stack coupons...means getting your items at super low prices! Who doesn't love that? Time to try them on!
Some items in the video are also from Walmart, and Hottopic. Thanks for reading/watching!