Starry Pastel Cloud Nail Tutorial

I think that name suits this look, don't you?  Now let's teach the world how to do this to their nails!
What I used:
Sallen Hansen Ultimate Sheild Base & Top Coat
Funky Fingers Glow in the Dark 7012 Nail Polish
L.A. Girl UV Top Coat
Sinful Colors Cinderella 1106
Art Confetti Stars
First, you'll want to give your nails a quick polish remover wash [especially if you use the ones with vitamins] to ensure you've gotten any leftover polish or goo from your nails. Then, wash your hands and prep with lotion. 

I started off with my base coat and added one layer. While the base coat was still wet, I used my opposite hand to pick up a teeny star and place in the middle of each nail. Also, adding three teeny stars to my thumbnail. I then used the Cinderella polish from Sinful colors to add a french tip look to each of my nails. I did add a second coat to the tips that seemed too light to me. After the tips dried a little, I used the Funky Fingers to cover my full nail. This added random glitter specks around and ontop of the teeny stars. Once that dried, I added three coats of top coat. Two being Sally Hansen's Ultimate shield, and LA Girl UV top coat in between the SH coats. 

My glow in the dark is very faint, so for next time I would most likely add more coats of the Funky Fingers polish. You're more than welcome to finish up wth some cuticle oil, and wash your access polish off in the shower or in the sink once completely dried.

These are a great look for any adorable, or pastel outfit. You can even alternate colors for the holidays!
Thanks for reading, and I hope this was helpful ^_^!


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