Mall Toy Haul [Ft. My Fella]

The fella and I finally had enough energy to leave the house on a joint mission to get him some new clothes. Failed miserably, and ended up coming home with toys for both of us. He didn't really want to go clothes shopping let alone the mall anyways. The video can tell you better, and scroll past the vid for some fun haul photos!

I've gotten quite the spoils from the mall trip as did my fella.
Love in Hell the Complete Trilogy is the manga hidden in the back.
No extra pictures to show of the Five Nights at Freddy's Blind Box, due to the fact that I was not supposed to give into the blind boxes...but thus I have. I really wanted to get the Puppet, but fat chance for my first try. Bonnie is just as adorable though. 
My absolute favorite get from this set of boxes and capsules would HAVE to be Crow from Show by Rock.
Though I really wanted to get Moa, but Crow would have been my second pick. I'm still a happy camper.
One thing I was less happy, but still ok with was the fact that I attempted to purchase two different series of this Naruto blind box I came across at the mall....and ended up with two from the same series.

I'm happy to have gotten Naruto and Kakashi though. I would have preferred the Kakashi that went along with his box, but I know the dog that he's sitting on so I got over it. Also, these figures are not play friendly. Naruto's feet are a bit thin, so I feel excessive movement will eventually force him off of his frog =_=.  Last thing I'll say about these figures and I'll move on....paint job could be much better. I'd rate it a 6/10, and higher marks for the figure as an adorable whole.

Then there was my first Hello Kitty purchase in a loooong time. I was drawn in by the $1 price mark. It was two Hello Kitty Crystal Charms Capsules, and I picked up two.

I actually wasn't even sure what it was when I picked them up initially. They'd said "Hello Kitty Key" on the display, but they ended up being adorable head charms. I think the blue one would have been perfect for me, but I'm also in love with the Green one and plan to give the purple to my mom.

My second favorite get was this eggy little blob. Gudetama in danger was the name of the series. And I got the pudding cup.
At first I was very confused as to why the pudding Gudetama was floating in thin air. After reading the checklist...
...I notice that he's saying "don't wanna go out". My theory is that he's stuck himself to the top of the cap and is spilling out as you lift the cap to set him free to eat. I love the little buttcheeks by the way! 

I was very lucky to find this get in my opinion. 
 I am such a fan of Badtz-Maru! I was very sad to see his merch getting smaller and smaller. When I came across this case, I picked it up immediately. When I found out that it was a case for as notebook and marker/pen...that was also 2.88. Was as good as mine! I've already turned him into my new sticker collection book.
Lastly was my little brobee here. I love that the beanie babies have adopted him into their merchandise and made him into a little ball. Haven't seen things much cuter than this. Good job beanie babies!


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