Collection Update #1 - Tsum Tsum

I know I have been posting a good bit about toys lately, but it's what has most of my attention other than work. Sadly, I don't have the energy for much else, bleh. TsumTsums have been thee cutest thing I have seen toy wise in a hot minute, and I have fallen deep within the tsum hole haha. I cannot keep myself away from them, and Disney is not taking many breaks with releasing new sets and adorable merch.

I have yet to complete any of the mystery stack pack series, but am disgustingly close to finishing series 1, and the marvel series. Still have about 3 left from series 2, and 7 from series 3. When it comes to the vinyl stackable tsums, I'm happy I'm no completist. I am much pickier when picking which sets [small, medium large] I'd like to have in my collection.

Their bright colors really draw me in, and their chubby little faces keep me hooked. Row one is my series 1, with the exception of Sven and Anger on the very ends. Row two shows the Marvel series 1, and the third row shows series 2 of disney. I still need Sebastian [such an intense need] from series 1. Ariel, Eeyore, Cinderella, and Buzz Lightyear [NEED HIM] from series 2. From Marvel, I only need Ghost Rider. I know what you're thinking, "What are you talking about? You're still missing Olaf, and many from Marvel silly Starfish". I actually had Olaf, and traded him for someone I wanted much more. As for the rest of my Marvel fellas....
They are buried within this unopened pile of love and wonder. There are also a handful of series 3 hidden as well. I can't wait to open them, and add them to my ever growing collection o.o.

As for my stacked sets, I only have 3 completed as you can see. The mixed bunch to the left are the ones I haven't felt as strong of a need to finish just yet. The one's with buddies on the right are my "strong need" crew. Especially scrump...halfway debating on a scrump army honestly. Let's not tell the brain cells that are most in control though!

Other than the rest of the mystery packs, I'm really trying to get my hot hands on a Flounder carry bag and Stitch carry bag. I'd love to turn them into shoulder bags or something with a longer strap period. Oh, and definitely want the Little Green Man Rocket set! I can't wait til it's available in the US.
I would have to say my favorite characters in Tsum Tsum form are: Alien, Piglet, Flounder, Buzz, Scrump, Stitch, Donald, Iron Man, Hob Goblin, and Thor!

Disney, please never stop this
Thanks for Reading!


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