New Obsession! - Pinky:st

More like an old obsession that I fed once, resold he nutrients, and never fed again...until now =_='. At this point you're probably going, "....dearest Starfish....what the hell is a pinky st!?" Well, if you'd be patient then I could inform you silly gooses! Ok, more like I'm going to let wikipedia inform you :D
"Pinky:St, also written Pinky Street (ピンキーストリート Pinkī Sutorīto?), are plastic (PET) figures designed by BabySue and manufactured by the Japanese company Vance Project. Their distinguishing feature is theinterchangeable parts. The heads, hair styles, clothing and accessories can easily be switched between figures according to taste.
The figures are about 10 cm (4 in) tall and compatible with 1:18 scale dollhouses, furniture, vehicles and other accessories. Many special edition Pinky:st figures have been produced based on characters from Japanese anime,manga and video games."
"Beyond the base sets available for purchase, there is an active customization community. Pinky garage kits are also available." source
This adorable My Melody set was the one I once had. I initially thought she was a cutie, but I am way more into Kuromi myself, and ended up letting her go to a better home. Plus, I didn't like how her shawl/scarf thing was positioned when I tried to link her together. Also, I do know that there is a Kuromi option,
but by the time I found out, I was already off of Pinky St. by the time I witnessed her greatness. I think she was also too hard to obtain at the age I was [I think 16, or 17?]. I've recently upon a Japan Goods Service site, called FromJapan,  in which I oopsed and decided to search "Pinky St". You know, just to see what they had different than ebay =_=...I do believe I've only purchased one so far, but have about 8 in my watchlist lol.
I think she is precious o.o. I love her hair style, and her original outfit. I'm not too much of  a fan of the extra fit she comes with, but maybe if I can learn to customize I can turn it into something grand. 
Here are examples of a couple of the other girls that I'd love to have for my soon to be Pinky:st collection.
The King of Fighters

Range Murata
Tenjou Tenka X Pinky:st

Pray for my bank account for me please. Thank you in advanced TT_TT!


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